High Vibrating Frequency: Anthony, Mateen & Simon for Esquire Singapore

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Published January 22, 2020


Updated January 23, 2020

Photos by John Tsiavis
Styling by David Bonney

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 005

Esquire Singapore embraces a theme of “Wild & Free” for its January 2020 issue. The idea is front and center with a story lensed by photographer John Tsiavis. Entitled “High Vibrating Frequency,” the editorial features models Anthony Smith, Mateen Ismail, and Simon Deng. The trio takes to the studio in looks styled by David Bonney.

Approaching the outing, Tsiavis explains, This sculptural intrecciato effect…gave me the opportunity to reimagine, manipulate and reconstruct the two-dimensional image into something more dynamic, not through any digital means but the materiality of the medium.

Tsiavis continues, The freedom to experiment beyond the image and create using my hands, reminded me of the joy of imaging making through photography when I first discovered it.

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 002

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 004

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 006

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 007

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 008

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 009

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 010

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 011

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 012

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 013

Esquire Singapore 2020 Editorial 014

Grooming by Gavin Anesbury

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