Peter Adrian, Yanniek Buijs + More Don Preppy Style for Esquire Netherlands

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Published July 3, 2019

Photos by Hans van Brakel
Styling by Pieter van Loon

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 001Pin

Models Peter Adrian, Yanniek Buijs, Arjan Van Hesteren, and Max Kantelberg take to the beach for a new style outing from Esquire Netherlands. Stylist Pieter van Loon champions a preppy aesthetic for the occasion. Classic menswear and a neutral color palette come together for the story. Hans van Brakel collaborates with van Loon for the editorial, shooting inspiring images. Peter, Yanniek, Arjan, and Max don a covetable wardrobe with brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 002Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 003Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 004Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 005Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 006Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 007Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 008Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 009Pin

Esquire Netherlands 2019 Editorial 010Pin

Grooming by Bianca Fabrie
Production by Gino Gurrieri

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