Converse Announces New CONS Weapon Sneaker Collection

May 29, 2014

Converse CONS Weapon Patchwork Hero 300

Converse CONS Weapon–Iconic sneaker brand Converse has announced plans to release a five-piece CONS Weapon collection this summer. The new line refreshes the classic Converse Weapon design across five unique variants, all of which boast bold color palettes over a streamlined version of the shoe’s vintage silhouette. This initial premium collection is planned as a first look at the brand’s renewed focus on the line, with a more expansive collection set to follow in August of this year.

Converse CONS Weapon Ray Pack Group

Converse CONS Weapon Reflective Mesh Group

Converse CONS Weapon Patchwork Pair

Converse CONS Weapon Patchwork Mesh Group