Crossroads: John Halls Cleans Up in Brunello Cucinelli

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Published September 16, 2022


Updated December 4, 2022

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2022 Tartan Blazer John Halls ModelPin
John Halls wears a deconstructed tartan blazer with a lightweight denim shirt and slim-fit five-pocket pants. Photo: Brunello Cucinelli

“Crossroads” is the name of the autumnal narrative that Brunello Cucinelli unveils this season. For its fall-winter 2022 collection, the Italian label adopts a contemporary perspective demonstrating a rekindled yearning for elegance.

Brunello Cucinelli draws creativity from the cosmopolitan man and sees the city as a hub where you can observe several interpretations of everyday style. The fashion brand also offers plenty of texture this season with timeless wardrobe staples like corduroy pants.

Brunello Cucinelli Men Fall 2022 Corduroy Coat John Halls ModelPin
A chic vision, John Halls wears a corduroy coat with a turtleneck sweater and slim-fit 5-pocket pants. Photo: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter 2022

Brunello Cucinelli and John Halls have collaborated for the fall season, with the top model serving as the sartorial protagonist for the brand. John steps out on a stylish set, wearing neutral-toned ensembles that reflect the ideal beginning to sophisticated autumn. 

Brunello Cucinelli Men Fall 2022 Suit John Halls ModelPin
In front and center, John Halls models a deconstructed Cavallo blazer with leisure-fit trousers and a check slim-fit shirt. Photo: Brunello Cucinelli

Men’s fashion this season focuses on enhancing timeless wardrobe staples by updating and modernizing them with various details. Brunello Cucinelli smoothly combines casual and formal pieces with luxurious fabrics, allowing the brand to create a dynamic and contemporary style.

Brunello Cucinelli Men Fall 2022 Corduroy Suit John Halls ModelPin
Model John Halls sports a corduroy blazer with leisure-fit trousers. Photo: Brunello Cucinelli

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