Bradley Soileau for Nuit, Talks Tattoos and Models ‘Being Nothing’

October 30, 2014


Next Los Angeles model Bradley Soileau shoots with photographer Andrea Vecchiato for Nuit magazine. For the laid-back images, Bradley wears pieces from his own label BLACKFIST. Talking to NUIT about his body as a canvas and if models themselves are artists, Bradley responds, “Honestly in my opinion, being a model was cool for the connections I’ve made in the industry, and it’s cool for side cash, but being a model is basically being nothing. There’s no talent behind it. You get your picture taken, over time you learn all your good angles and you can be faster than a novice, but you aren’t doing anything.”

Bradley continues, “So what’s the art in that? But in the same breath, you are helping someone create their vision, so in the same breath I can say that yes my life is art, my attitude is art, my style and the things I do to my body are art, and a lot of my tattoos are collaborative ideas with artists, so that is me making art also.” Read more at / Grooming by Amanda Bell.