America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 13 Recap: ‘The Girl Who Gets Caught in a Lie’

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Published November 15, 2014

The models await this week's challenge.Pin
The models await this week’s challenge.

The latest episode of America’s Next Top Model picked up where the last left off, addressing Adam and his drinking problem. Adam confessed that he usually drinks to loosen up and feel more comfortable around people. Meanwhile, Chantelle was annoyed that everyone else was moping since Raelia had been eliminated. In a bizarre change of attitude, Chantelle told Lenox that she needs to watch the way she speaks to her. In her interview, Chantelle revealed that she isn’t afraid of crying on the show, she’s afraid of beating someone down.

Jay Park hosted the week’s challenge, which was a go-see. Divided into teams of two to navigate the city, the pairs consisted of Keith and Chantelle, Will and Shei, Adam and Lenox. Going to the go-sees, Will seemed to be too tall and incredibly uncomfortable because the clothes didn’t fit. Meanwhile, Shei’s blonde and black eyebrows were perhaps too much of a statement. Adam, not drinking, proved to be a tad too serious for clients. Chantelle was perceived as arrogant and Keith came out strong with a great personality and presence. Lenox was a sure win with clients. Ultimately Keith was the winner of the challenge.

This week’s photo shoot involved model pairs on a honeymoon, consisting of famous South Korean models and the America’s Next Top Model contestants.The interesting takeaway was Chantelle confronting Yu Tsai about him calling her Panda. Initially, Tsai appeared not to care about Chantelle’s misgivings, but eventually he came around and apologized.

Apparently, Chantelle told Shei that she hooked up with Keith. Then Shei asked Keith about it and he denied it. Keith then confronted Chantelle about it, resulting in her breaking down and leaving the room.

The models line up for judging panelPin
The models line up for judging panel

The best photo of the week went to Keith with the runner-up as Lenox. Landing in the bottom were Adam and Chantelle. Ultimately, Chantelle was eliminated and Adam, along with his booty tooch lived to see another day.

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