4 Successful Men’s Fashion Brands & What They Did Differently

Stylish Man
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Once there were just a few names in men’s fashion; today, there are so many options available to the average man that it can be hard to sort through everything and figure out which brands genuinely stand out. However, if you look at the most successful men’s fashion brands, you’ll find that they have managed to do something different that makes them stand out from the crowd and capture their audience’s attention and loyalty. 

Men’s fashion brands have improved their reputation and credibility, such as through incredible social media marketing, top-notch user experience, and even exceptional customer service. And it is pretty easy to integrate these aspects into your business, whether that be by hiring a marketing agency, taking an online UX course, or outsourcing customer service. 

Nonetheless, what better way to improve your business than to learn from those who have already succeeded in your industry. Here are five of the most successful men’s fashion brands today and what they did differently to create their success.

4 Men’s Fashion Brands & What They Did Differently:

Ralph Lauren Menswear
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Ralph Lauren: Big Ideas

Ralph Lauren has long been known for his preppy fashion style. Lauren was born in 1939 and built a label based on high-quality products that looked professional but were also fashionable for consumers. Today, Ralph Lauren is a behemoth in men’s fashion, with dozens of retail locations worldwide and more than $6 billion in sales.

During an interview, Lauren once said, “You can have great ideas, but if you don’t get them across, nobody cares.” Translating your innovations into quality products that people care about is what made Ralph Lauren one of the most successful names in men’s fashion today.

Kit and Ace
Photo Credit: Kit and Ace

Kit & Ace: New Brands Need Something Unique

Whether it is an innovative concept, a new manufacturing process, or something else, uniqueness has always set businesses in crowded industries apart. That is precisely what Kit & Ace leveraged. Kit & Ace developed what it calls furniture-grade clothing, clothing that’s made to last.

The brand promises quality items that fit well so customers will keep coming back for more – a smart business strategy. From there, Kit & Ace started working on developing its product line to appeal to its audience through relevant designs.

It also worked on building relationships with high-end retailers while maintaining a solid social media presence. This is an example of being innovative within an existing clothing category; Kit & Ace did not try to create its category but worked hard within an already established one.

Carhartt WIP
Photo Credit: Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP: Focus on Quality

Carhartt WIP started in 2002, but its roots dated to 1889, when Hamilton Carhartt founded his eponymous workwear line. Fast forward a century and change, and Carhartt WIP has kept up with design trends, made soft goods for women, added collaborations like Supreme (which is still going strong), opened stores in London and Tokyo—but it hasn’t lost its focus on creating durable clothes that last season after season.

It also maintains quality control at all stages of production to maintain its trademark fit. To be considered successful in mens fashion today means you need to create designs that are both ahead of their time and timeless; they should be aesthetically pleasing while also practical; however, what ultimately creates customer loyalty is a product of quality that they can continue to trust.

Photo Credit: Arpenteur

Arpenteur: Keep Your Focus Tight

Arpenteur, a menswear brand launched in 2012, has carved out a niche by focusing on handmade shoes. With just two styles offered—oxfords and loafers—and limited production of each, it’s clear why Arpenteur succeeded where so many have failed: they didn’t try to be everything to everyone.

Each shoe style is made in Italy using time-tested techniques and materials, offering exceptional quality with every purchase. Staying true to your brand means being different—so if you plan on launching a new men’s fashion brand with something more substantial than razors or cologne, be sure you can clearly articulate why yours will succeed where others fail. And ensure that you can stay focused on your approach over the years to come.

All businesses can succeed, even in crowded categories, as long as they can develop it in a new way. With the proper focus and determination, one thing is for sure; you can become the next name on the list of the best mens fashion brands.