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Versace Fall/Winter 2013 | Milan Fashion Week

versace fall11 Versace Fall/Winter 2013 | Milan Fashion Week

The Versace School of Style–Using the catwalk as a playful arena, Donatella Versace followed up a gladiator inspired spring season with a collection that amplifies the eccentricities to a new level. For the season’s bread and butter, suiting is interjected with great volume and outerwear is the leading counterpart to skimpy undergarments. Taking a sartorial page from the beloved gangster era, the suit represented a classic nod to menswear, ready to be deconstructed. Dressed in stripes, house prints and decorated to the point of no return, it was not a simple feat. Throwing in denim adorned with logos, the clean coat or shirt seemed far in between. Rounding out a great deal of extremities, Versace made a memorable finale with crisp white and a daring splash of lace.

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