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Tillmann Lauterbach Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

tillmann lauterbach spring summer 2013 018 Tillmann Lauterbach Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

Industrial DisillusionTillmann Lauterbach relaunches their menswear with a spring/summer 2013 collection inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1980’s trip to China with friend and photographer Christopher Makos. Fusing a young post-punk New Yorker with varied Chinese references, clean lines and a modern attitude prevail. Here, black, navy and neutrals contribute to a minimal mood, where fabric selection and cut steal the spotlight. Lightweight suits are executed with relaxed silhouettes and placed among loose jersey tops, oversize blazers and knitwear. Paired with bags, hats and other accessories, a mix of elegant draping and boxy construction paints a successful picture of Tillmann Lauterbach’s return to menswear with a sophisticated sensibility, accented by a splash of urban grit.

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