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The Genius of Opening Ceremony

1743 The Genius of Opening Ceremony

One of Ponystep’s latest features is a story on Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the partnership behind store and label Opening Ceremony.

Leon on Opening Ceremony’s atmosphere:

So we said these are all the things we don’t want for our store. When we first opened up we talked about how much we loved shopping at thrift stores – Salvation Armys and Goodwills and all these kind of great junk shops. You’d pick something up and be so excited because you were the only one that had it – you’d yell across to your friend ‘look what I found!’ And your friend would be super-jealous once you showed it to them! Then you’d start piling clothes on your arm – five or six pieces. That was the inspiration, that fun idea of shopping. That excitement. Those stores aren’t perfect and that’s a great thing because you don’t feel you have to act perfect. You can take your jacket off, throw it in the corner and start really going at it through the rails! It’s a big aspect of Opening Ceremony that’s missing in a lot retail. We really look at things from a shoppers point of view, not a store owners’ point of view.”

Read more at Ponystep.

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