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Slim Men’s Suits are in Vogue

ryangosling Slim Mens Suits are in Vogue

Actor Ryan Gosling

Slim Suits in Vogue–Highly tailored slim fit suits are said to be back in vogue, not just for the skinny lad, but men of all builds, thanks in part to celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig sporting the style. First becoming prevalent during the 1950s and 1960s, this type of suit is typified by high, narrow lapels, a nipped in waist on the slacks and the length of the jacket being being raised by up to an inch-and-a-half. However, this isn’t a style to be bought off-the-rack; representative for Mohan’s Custom Tailors KJ Singh suggests that, to get the most out of a slim fit suit, “you really want a tailor’s vision.”

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