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Roberto Sipos Graces Munsoo Kwon’s Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book

MunsooKwonSS14look00 800x1200 Roberto Sipos Graces Munsoo Kwons Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book

Let’s Play!–Enlisted by Korean fashion designer Munsoo Kwon to unveil the brand’s spring/summer 2014 collection, model Roberto Sipos enters the studio to appear before the lens of Bora Lee, to shoot Munsoo Kwon’s latest look book. With a collection that looks to the game of soccer for its main inspiration, Munsoo Kwon reinterprets the strength of the sport with a series of modern silhouettes, embellished with unique details and elements that come straight off the uniforms of soccer teams. The attitude of soccer is also used by the designer as a metaphor of life, with the constant achievement of new goals and a sense of collaborative spirit. Munsoo Kwon’s spring/summer 2014 offering isn’t only about sportswear inspired pieces, but also touches on new textures, graphic prints, interesting proportions and impeccable cuts, that define a sense of style, playing with different aesthetics and inspirations.

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