Ride to Live, Live to Ride by Jacques Dequeker for GQ Brazil

Jacques Dequeker puts together an impressive cast for his latest work, featured in GQ Brazil. Collaborating with Marcos Mello, Dequeker directs Alex Schultz, Diego Querzoli, Renne Castrucci, Fabio Delai, Tiago Volpato, Fred Motta, Fabio Nunes, Matheus de David and Romulo Pires for an inspiring story. Outfitted by Thiago Ferraz, the amazing lot hit the track in style, wheeling and dealing in quite the cinematic piece. / Makeup by Cecília Macedo. Fashion production by Alexandra Thomaz and Ariana Monteiro. Fashion assistance by Frederico Marcondes and Tiago Fioravante. Music by Nick Graham-Smith. Camera by Tavinho Costa, Diego Querzoli and Renne Castrucci. Film editing by Fabio Delai.

 Editorials, Film/Video, GQ Brazil

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