Richard Chai Fall/Winter 2012 | New York Fashion Week

Richard Chai Fall/Winter 2012 | New York Fashion Week image rchai

The Utilitarian-Cinching his men into parkas and jackets with hooded attachments, Richard Chai prepared for quite the cold season. Capturing fall in a sea of silhouettes, both fitted and relaxed, tailoring met function as Chai crafted a wardrobe of varying proportions. Wearable but still tapped into the whims of the adventurous man, timeless cuts afforded to outerwear such as the overcoat were in sync with more bold ventures that included a cropped jacket. Altogether blending an idea of loungewear with a more formal figure, Richard Chai came out on top with a conservative showing that highlighted items that men can grasp onto and love … taking a baseball jacket or beloved sweater along for the ride, season to season.

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