Model Marc Sebastian Faiella Talks Homophobia in the Fashion Industry

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Marc Sebastian Faiella by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia for DSection

Equality Struggles (and Grows) in Unexpected Places–The last place many would expect to experience homophobia, most likely, would be the fashion industry. But Marc Sebastian Faiella, a young gay model, opened up about his experience and the modeling industry’s changing landscape this week for i-D magazine. The model of three years tells the story of how his original agency demanded he create an ideal image of himself –”ideal”, according to what other casting agents might want. “I was to always carry around my skateboard, never wash my hair, and constantly talk about girls so I would appear ‘masculine and bad boy-ish'” Marc says. “I was dumbfounded…In a pure lapse of judgment, I almost considered taking their advice.” Since he started modeling in 2011 (and found a different agency, in Paris), Faiella says the modeling environment has become noticeably more open-minded–because, after all, models are technically actors on a high-fashion stage and with social media prominent, being true to yourself as an individual is valued. “As long as we can get this right,” Marc writes, “why should it matter if some of us prefer to kiss other boys?” Read Marc’s full article at

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