John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week

john varvatos spring summer 2014 collection 0019 John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week

Rock On–With the American designer looking up to bands like The Rolling Stones with singers such as Mick Jagger, it’s easy to see John Varvatos’ inspiration for the spring/summer 2014 season. Painting a stark pictures with navy, black and gray, the suit juxtaposed with sportswear is the starting point for the collection. Here, jackets are lengthened, ties clipped into place, prints applied to cardigans and scarves used to accessorize for Varvatos’ free spirit. Incorporating leather and suede for a rich but cool option, outerwear is fitted while trousers are cut slim and pleated. After a splash of red and white for a color uplift, the sergeant jacket is enlisted for a nostalgic rock moment and strong season finish.

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