Iceberg Fall/Winter 2013 | Milan Fashion Week

Iceberg Fall/Winter 2013 | Milan Fashion Week image iceberg fall5

Color FinesseMilan Fashion Week continues a dark trend with Italian label Iceberg looking to the color black as the canvas to a geometric fall/winter 2013 collection. Creating a black minimalism, the collection gets its creative cues from the smart accents of blue, red, yellow and other solid colors. Practical in their approach, Iceberg sends out slim sweaters covered in shapes of differing colors, while trousers maintain slender clean lines. Connected to the range via two-done belts, the trousers are complemented by a series of outerwear and tailored blazers that utilize contrasting lapels and varied shapes for a graphic finish.

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  • Mark Gelbart

    Piet Mondrain and the later color field painters are all over this show.