Frequently Asked Questions

Fashionisto Magazine

How often is Fashionisto printed?
A quarterly, Fashionisto is printed four times a year.

How can I shoot for Fashionisto?

Issues are released quarterly and work is limited to photographers we have already worked with or who have a well versed book of print work. If you would like the opportunity to shoot a small feature story on a label, artist, etc., please email us – [email protected]

How can I write for Fashionisto?
Please email us with work samples – [email protected]

Where can I buy Fashionisto?
Purchase the magazine online here or visit your local Barnes & Noble. Available at select newsstands nationwide.

How can I stock Fashionisto?
If you would like to stock the magazine on a consignment basis, please email [email protected]

How do I submit work?
Please refer to our Submissions Page for technical requirements.

What is a Fashionisto Exclusive?
An editorial created exclusive for The Fashionisto online.

How do I shoot one?
If your work fits right in (check here), shoot us an email.

Who is The Fashionisto ran by?
The Fashionisto is a full-time endeavor maintained by its creator Carl with occasional contributions from others.

Where do images come from?
The majority of images come directly from the source, whether it is a photographer, magazine or label. Additional images are credited properly.

How should I source the site?
A link to the The Fashionisto homepage will suffice.

Why should I source the site?
While it may not be apparent, it takes a lot of time to establish and maintain working relationships, gather and edit images, from coloring and cropping to the actual uploading and posting. Source links are greatly appreciated.

But do you source?
Images are always sourced with a working link. If a set of images are not sourced, the images came directly from the photographer, stylist, label’s website, etc.

How did the site begin?
The Fashionisto was created in efforts to curate an international collection of menswear from runway to print.

What is the relationship to Fashion Gone Rogue?
Fashion Gone Rogue is the womenswear version of The Fashionisto, Fashion Gone Rogue is run by Joanna.

How can I advertise on the site?
Send an email and we will send our media kit with rates.

Can I get my name or other identifying information removed?

No, all posts are final. Think of old content as an archive documenting fashion’s history.

Have any other questions?
Comment below.