First Look | H&M x Jimmy Choo

jimmychoo First Look | H&M x Jimmy Choo

With our luck, H&M will be asking for these pictures to be pulled down. Until then, what do you think of this glimpse at November’s H&M x Jimmy Choo collaboration? Utter fail or worth the long lines?

Pictures from Paolosavi

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6 Responses to “First Look | H&M x Jimmy Choo”

  1. I hate H&M whenever they do that, I think H&M should fire their press or marketing officers who do this kind of thing, cause they are sending negative vibes to potential buyers.

  2. I somewhat like the bag but I don’t know if I’ll like the price. Could be much better either way. Would kill for some faux crocide print tote/holdall!

  3. dull.
    leather jacket seems of poor quality, the blue scarf is too blue, and the bag.. I dont know about the bag yet.
    the boots in the second preview post are rather good. but there is a reason jimmy doesn’t do clothes..
    looking forward to seeing the rest.