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David Gandy Takes the McLaren P1 for a Spin

david gandy gq taiwan photos 008 David Gandy Takes the McLaren P1 for a Spin

David Gandy by Chiun-Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan

A David of Many Worlds–Model, writer and mega car buff David Gandy took a tour (and a test drive) at the McLaren factory in his latest column for British GQ. The functional architecture of the factory, he says, put any Bond villain headquarters to shame and completely blew him away. As for the test drive, Gandy says he’s never been a fan of the sleek McLaren 12C. But the P1, the brand’s exclusive plug-in sports car, left him at a complete 180. “I was actually taken back by the P1, speechless in fact,” he writes. “I walked away from the McLaren factory astonished and bloody proud to be British.” Gandy gives a nod to the eco-forward engineers finding new ways to incorporate hybrid technology into zippy sports cars. For him, the McLaren P1 doesn’t disappoint– it amazes those who experience it.

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