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David Gandy Embodies Machismo on the Cover of ShortList

david gandy cover shortlist David Gandy Embodies Machismo on the Cover of ShortList

The Real Deal–British model David Gandy continues to snap up covers around the world, and his more recent appearance is on the latest issue of ShortList magazine, where he’s captured by the lens of David Goldman. Posing for a black & white close-up, the Essex-born model is the quintessence of machismo, shaving for the camera, while smoking a cigarette, and delivering his appealing gaze. Celebrating an issue focused on new beauty treatments for male skin, Gandy definitely embodies a contemporary version of iconic Hollywood actors, like Steve McQueen, which is definitely an appealing figure of style. The rebellious attitude, the unmistakable charisma, a great sense of style and the passion for fast cars, are in fact some of the connections between the late actor and the British leading model.

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