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Coach Losing Customers to Michael Kors?

coach fall winter 2013 campaign will chalker 0003 Coach Losing Customers to Michael Kors?

Model Will Chalker for Coach Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Coach vs Michael KorsThe Motley Fool indicates that as Michael Kors’ profits reach an all-time high, it’s quite possible that the fashion label is cutting into the growth potential for the annual net sales of Coach. “Investors once loyal to the Coach brands’ ability to deliver returns have begun to question whether the company has lost its edge.” But don’t worry too much. Coach is working on revamping its image to compete with its peers. William Sofield is redesigning Coach flagship stores to draw more customers in. Tapping into the growing Asian market, Coach has a large new store opening in Tokyo. Another issue that Coach will have to tackle however, is a fresh new take on its signature products to compete with labels like Michael Kors, who people see as more trendy.

Annual Net Sales

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FY 2013

FY 2012

FY 2011


$5.08 billion

$4.8 billion

$4.158 billion

Michael Kors

$3.2 billion

$$2.1 billion

$1.2 billion

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