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Bart Grein by Jeff Bark for Bullett

1 Bart Grein by Jeff Bark for Bullett

Garden Party–Jeff Bark captures Next model Bart Grein in an alluring black and white story for the pages of Bullett magazine. Styled by Holly Su Angray, Bart’s soft and delicate features shine through the dark and romantic atmosphere in oversized tops by Missoni and Obesity & Speed.

2 Bart Grein by Jeff Bark for Bullett

  • Citogene

    In the first pic, I thought he was Stella Tennant for a moment…

    Bart is absolutely adrogynous, in a sexy way…BRAVO


  • Jcolt3639

    Has anyone noticed how emaciated this male model is? Look at the size of this thighs! Frightening! A human clothes hanger for designers that can’t design clothes for human beings. How difficult is it to drape material on a shapeless figure?