Bankruptcy News | Financial Woes for Yamamoto

After the absence of a Paris menswear runway show and the ending of Yohji Yamamoto’s Y range, it is no surprise to find out that the fashion house is experiencing fiscal problems. Owing debts in excess of sixty-five million USD, Yohji Yamamoto Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection through the Tokyo District Court. Although, Yamamoto and his employees will continue to work, Japanese company Integral Corp has stepped in to finance the restructuring of Yohji Yamamoto Inc. (Tokyo Fashion)

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4 Responses to “Bankruptcy News | Financial Woes for Yamamoto”

  1. oh lord that is bad. I can see why his style is very eccentric and his prices astronomical. All those smaller lines had to strain the budget to its max many times before.

    I do hope he pulls through. Losing a designer like Yamamoto would be a travesty.

  2. I definitely see him making it through this. I just hope the pricing comes down. Even Coming Soon has ridiculously high pricing.

  3. I’d buy his designs but I’m having my own financial woes. To adapt to the market, he should lower the pricing.

  4. I agree! Losing a designer like Yamamoto would be horrible. I can’t imagine that! I agree though, he needs to lower his prices. Its ridiculous, but his designs are amazing. I remember I saw a t-shirt (yes, just t-shirt) at the store in Aoyama for over 400 dollars.