Alex Sanchez, Jeff Thomas, Matthieu Inglese, Rodrigo S. & Sebastian Slomkowski by Aaron Olzer for MFF

MindQuake–Cinematographer Aaron Olzer continues with a steady hand in the fashion world as evidence by his latest film for MFF, featuring a troop of Independent Men models including Alex Sanchez, Jeff Thomas, Matthieu Inglese, Rodrigo S. and Sebastian Slomkowski as well as the work of fashion editor Stefano Roncato. Adorned with an eclectic range of facial jewelry, the boys keep their wits in hand for this quirky film shoot as they don Givenchy garbs including fitted trousers, striped pullovers and leather jackets. / Makeup by Barbara Ciccognani using M.A.C Cosmetics (HM Battaglia). Hair by Etienne Guglielmo (Facetoface Agency). View the photo shoot here.

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