Why Good Hygiene & Grooming is Good for Mental Health

Handsome Man Taking Shower
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As a man, you know the importance of good hygiene. Regular showering (and not just putting on a bunch of cologne,) grooming your beard, and finding some good clothes are a sign of a dapper man. Not only is it good for your looks, but it’s good for your mind. Here are some reasons why.

A Hygiene Ritual is Good for the Mind

When one is suffering from depression, they may fall out of routine. One way you can treat depression is through keeping a routine. Simple routines, like shaving, bathing, and drying your hair, may sound easy, but they are effective in the fight against mental health problems. Someone who is overly depressed may not have a routine, which is a problem.

It’s a Confidence Boost

Whenever you come out and look clean and fresh, it does have an impact on your self-esteem. You feel much better about yourself, and you’re able to smile knowing that you’re trying to look the best you can. Confidence can impact your mental health greatly. If you always have self-defeating thoughts, this can be damaging for your mental health. However, if you are always feeling confident, you may be able to improve your mental health in spades.

It Can Be a Bonding Experience

If you have kids, teaching your son to learn how to shave and to keep himself smelling fresh can be a good bond between father and son. This can not only improve your mental health but the mental health of your child as well. We recommend you spend some time to teach your kid some hygiene tips and tricks. This can help them as they grow older.

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Beard Grooming Can Be Creative

When you got a beard, you need to shape it up to look presentable. Some people can pull off the mountain man beard, but if you need to keep it groomed, you need to trim it. Grooming your beard allows for some creativity. You can trim and groom your beard in many different ways, and this allows for a different way to shape it up. Creativity can help boost your mental health and will enable you to be stylish in the process.

Poor Hygiene is Linked to Poor Mental Health

Poor mental health means you spend less time on your appearance. This can be a vicious cycle, where because you feel ugly about yourself, your mental health declines. Being able to keep yourself clean and fresh can be the boost you need. Meanwhile, not being able to do so can lead to a decline. It’s as simple as that. Trimming up your beard, taking a shower, all of this is good for the mind.

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There is No Shame in Receiving Mental Healthcare

Of course, if you are depressed, anxious, or are having other mental health woes, it can be hard for you even to grab a razor and shave. If you’re feeling this way, it doesn’t make you any less manly to admit it. You are brave for admitting that you need help.

This is where therapy comes in. A therapist can help you get back on a routine and figure out the cause of your woes. Think of a therapist as a stylist. They trim away the bad parts and make the good aspects of your personality shine.

If you’re a man on the go, online counseling has helped many get the help they need. You can get online counseling from the comfort of your own home, or while you’re traveling. Click here for more information: https://www.regain.us/advice/therapist/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-online-therapy/