What to Wear When Speed Dating

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It’s the million-dollar question: how to make an excellent first impression. It’s so crucial. And if you’re going to your first speed dating event, it’s even more important to consider how you’re going to dress to impress.

The first thing to consider is the venue. Where is your event taking place? If it’s anything like the speed dating Manchester events run by Speed Dater, expect to be in a plush bar in a hip city locale surrounded by fittingly stylish singletons. You want to fit in, not stand out.

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That means also wearing clothes that fit. In other words, don’t let potential dates be put off by loose, baggy clothing. Choose shirts that hug the body without being too tight, trousers that showcase the lines of your legs, and a tailored or well-fitting jacket.

Consider the details too. A couple of buttons open on your shirt is okay, any more and you’re overdoing it. Watch out for those creases in your shirts, stick to neutral or understated colors and polish your shoes. Also, don’t indulge in too much aftershave but enough to say you care about your appearance.

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It’s just as important to know what not to wear too. No sandals (no one wants to see your feet), don’t wear sunglasses indoors (it looks like you’re hiding something) and steer clear of ties as they’re too formal.

Speed dating isn’t about changing your personality. You’ve got to be yourself. But thinking carefully how to dress will ensure you’re in the best position to make an excellent first impression.