What to Wear at the Poker Table?

Stylish Poker Player
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The connection between fashion and casino action has become a constant in the previous decades and is getting stronger and stronger with each passing poker-trip. Many players get to express their lifestyle and game attitude by dressing in a certain manner – be it a suit, a comfortable hoodie, or a screaming pink-yellow T-shirt, everybody has their style.

And as it goes to style and poker, most of the proficient contenders have developed solid psychology to reading their opponent. Although this is hardly the most important factor in their assessment, dressing “right” for your poker-table self can be the difference between getting rich or reaching out to request a rebuy.

Here, we have developed some starter suggestions as to what your clothes speak about you once the chips are in play. It may sound silly at first but having a certain table image can enhance your game enough to get you started on the right path for the session.

The Casual Look

Man TShirt Jeans
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Entering a poker tournament in your favorite jeans and the lucky shirt is the go-to idea of most amateur poker players, and this isn’t something bad at all. You can even add a baseball cap and some cool sneakers to finish off the “I’m no threat to your Big Bling” look. And you can still very well be the one who gets their chips away. Just don’t try to pull off the flip-flops, that may take it a step too far.

The Semi-Serious Fella

Casino Hipster
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Trousers, Shirt, Sweater, and a pair of leather shoes can lead to multiple image-locations. Sitting humbly at the table rocking that outfit will surely make opponents think a minute before getting a good idea how to approach each hand. Especially if you don’t speak a lot and answer their questions with subtle responses, or even silence. Be careful though, expressing emotions loudly and blabbing will quickly demolish that first mysterious impression.

The “I Came to Play Big”

Businessman in Tie
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Full-on suit and tie, along with a serious look on your face and generic ABC poker moves will surely land you the title, “Does Well Until a Losing Hand Occurs.” Going with the high-roller aura is surely fun and exciting, even inspiring but it does not end with profits often enough. Sitting across such an individual awakens thoughts about constant all-ins, most of which – pre-flop, and they can be difficult to play around. The moment you “catch” them, however, they will quickly turn into carebears. Or tilted maniacs, but this can easily be an advantage. If you choose this as the way to go, do it steadily, keep you cool and only strike with the big raises when you have the best hand.

“All My Friends Are Here”

Hipster Tropical Print Shirt Sunglasses Flatcap
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The multi-colored one-button missing shirt combined with brightly painted shorts, transparent sunglasses and a cocktail glass in your hand doesn’t say much more than “I came to have a good time and win some money.” Before you take a certain action on the table, most of the competitions won’t feel threatened or even slightly concerned about your presence next to them. The over-friendly Hawaiian-Shirt guy just wants to feel the joy and mingle, yes. Until you hit that straight-flush on the turn and jokingly put all your chips in the middle.

All in all, efficient poker play doesn’t depend on your clothing but picking the proper set of items can surely aid you in certain times. Especially if you know how to “play” the part well, live poker can become much more interesting – you win chips and learn opponents’ habits and prejudices for future encounters.

If you aren’t a fan of the live play, finding the best online casino and trying your luck there is an option as well. Review websites like Casinopedia.org are ready to show you where the deal is real until you find the courage and confidence to enter live-play!