What to Use Instead of a Loofah

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Your loofah might be your best friend in the shower. They can help you thoroughly clean yourself and require little to no effort with them at all. They’re mostly cheap and easy to find, so most of us always have plenty of them stocked for our use. However, loofahs are far more devious than we think, and using them for too long can do more harm than good.

Loofahs are generally of two types, a natural one and a plastic-based one. While they might seem harmless, they’re both terrible. The texture of the loofahs, paired with the shower’s wet environment, makes them very hard to dry. This gives the bacteria a lot of space to flourish. So, using a loofah can make you susceptible to more bacteria instead of cleaning them.

Furthermore, plastic loofahs shed some bits of microplastic every time you clean with them, which eventually trickles down from your shower and into the water bodies, increasing the amount of plastic waste even though you’re trying to reduce your plastic wastage. For the sake of nature, it’s advisable to get rid of your loofah and invest into something more sustainable. In this article, we’re suggesting some of the best loofah alternatives and their technicalities:


Washcloths are very versatile. As a result, you’ll see them everywhere, from the kitchen to the shower, they can do everything. Unlike a loofah, washcloths don’t have prickly skin so that they won’t exfoliate as deep as a loofah. However, since they aren’t scratchy, they’re perfect for sensitive skin. Also, unlike loofahs, they’re easy to clean and store. So, if you’re willing to save some bucks by putting your loofahs to rest, washcloths might be precisely what you’re looking for.

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Silicone Exfoliating Brush

If you’re looking for a less environmentally damaging option that is also comfortable on your skin, check the silicone exfoliating brush. Made of food-grade silicone, they’re relatively bio-degradable and easy to work with. Furthermore, most silicone brushes come with a holder or handle for you to have easy control, so it’s a lot more convenient than a loofah. Moreover, they’re spike resistant, and the spiky bristles help clean the layers of skin without causing discomfort or pain. Lastly, due to their spiky texture with the holder, they dry quickly without causing any hassle. You can find them anywhere, and they’re very affordable. So, if you haven’t searched for them yet, definitely give them a try!

Antibacterial Shower Mitt

Although a bit on the pricy side, antibacterial shower mitts are handy. They make an excellent lather with little effort and are easy to clean and dry. And unlike conventional loofahs, they have an antibacterial layer than actively works to wash out the bacteria in your body alongside soap. This also works when the loofah is not in use, so no bacteria or molds are growing out of service. The material is also easy to dry, so a few hours in the sun will dry it like clean. 

However, antibacterial shower mitts are relatively expensive. But because they come with many properties and years of fair use, you’re likely to not feel ripped-off after getting one.

Fabric Scrubbers

Fabric scrubbers have recently become very popular because of how useful they are. Although they’re a bit underrated, they’re super helpful. Made of a durable cloth, they generally contain a towel-like layer with a thicker layer to hold and a handle. One of the most significant advantages of these is that they can quickly clean and exfoliate your back. While the quality of the fabrics makes them washable in machines, so they’re hassle-free. Also, since they’re made of clothes, they dry quickly and not retain any moisture. So, if you get your backs exfoliated regularly, this can be helpful for you.

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Exfoliating Gloves & Mitts

Imagine exfoliating your body without having to hold something all the time, excellent. If that’s what you’re looking for, then an exfoliating glove can do you a world of good. They’re made of a material similar to a loofah, but thicker to be shaped like a glove. Available in a lot of designs, textures, and colors. They’re a good buy if you’re looking for convenience.

However, since they have a weird shape, they need to be dried carefully and take time to dry. Furthermore, you need to be gentle while using one of these. Otherwise, it will affect it’s longevity while hurting your skin.

Bath Sponge

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to conventional loofahs, bath sponges might be what you’re looking for. They’re collected from the sea and are dried and prepared for our use. Unlike traditional loofahs, they aren’t very prickly or hard to use. They’re very soft and comfortable on the skin. Also, they generally last longer than conventional loofahs.

However, sponges absorb a lot of water can get very heavy. Also, since they attract a lot of moisture, they will eventually grow a lot of bacteria. So, you have to be very cautious to keep them dry.  

Electric Body Scrubber

If you love tech, we got you covered. Electronic body scrubbers are the future of cleaning. They’re relatively cheap, and they’re likely to last long if taken care of properly. Also, they save you from the effort of physically scrubbing your body and cleaning it. Furthermore, they’re very comfortable and massages you very well. So, if you’re looking for something fancy and comfortable, then this is precisely what you’re looking for.


We love our loofahs, they’re cool, and we love them. However, in these trying times, we have to think about sustainability as well. As our waters are always being polluted by plastic contamination, we have to think about our environment’s future. So, it’s an excellent time to get rid of your loofah and go for something better for mother nature. In this article, we’ve discussed some products that can be used as an alternative to a loofah that you can use.