What Exactly is a Green Tea Mattress like Zinus? (Promo Code Inside)

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress
Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress

Great tea is often cited as the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is endowed with a lot of potent nutrients and antioxidants that have been proven to have powerful effects on the body. Some of these effects include improved brain function, lower risks of cancer, weight loss, and many other awesome benefits. Catechins in green tea also have other impressive biological effects such as the ability to kill bacteria and inhibit common viruses such as the influenza virus, hence lowering your risks of infection.

But green tea is widely known only for its health benefits. Most people only think of it as tea. However, this shouldn’t be the case; green tea is more than a beverage.  In the beauty industry, for instance, green tea extract is also used in skincare products. Companies such as Zinus, on the other hand, make mattresses out of green tea!

What exactly is a Green Tea Mattress?

A green tea mattress is a memory foam mattress that contains green tea extracts. The green tea, together with castor oil and charcoal, are infused into the mattress to keep it fresh for long periods and provide a host of health benefits such as relaxation and improved sleep. If you want to invest in an organic mattress, you can also consider the latex mattresses.

Green tea mattresses such as those made by Zinus are suitable for individuals who are okay with medium firmness memory foam beds. They are ideal for both back and side sleepers. The mattress conforms to the natural shape of the body to give you a relaxing sleeping experience. The mattresses are soft, supportive, and they offer excellent performance. What’s more, they are incredibly durable and will serve you for a long time without showing signs of sagging.

Why Should You Invest in a Green Tea Mattress?

What does a green tea mattress have to offer that you won’t get from other memory foam mattresses? Below are some of the benefits of investing in a green tea mattress, especially a quality one like the Zinus memory foam green tea mattress.

1. Better Sleep
As aforementioned, the green tea mattress is a medium firm memory foam mattress that conforms to the natural shape of the body. This feature plus the softness of the mattress allows the body to relax into deep, quality sleep. The green tea extracts, when inhaled, produce a calming effect that relaxes the mind, alleviates stress, and nudges you into a peaceful night’s sleep. If you are struggling to get quality sleep, you probably need a new mattress. Take advantage of the 15% off Zinus coupon and grab yourself a Zinus memory foam green tea mattress for improved sleep.

2. Excellent Body Support
Many people shy away from soft memory foam mattresses because they lose shape over time and cause the heavy parts of the body to sink deeper into the bed. However, this is not the case with quality green tea mattresses. They provide base support so that your body sinks into the bed without affecting the mattress’ support. The support helps relieve pressure and prevent body tension that results from sleeping in an extremely hard or soft mattress.

3. Eco-friendly and Durable
A lot of emphases have been put on investing in sustainable products. Mattresses that are eco-friendly are becoming a favorite for most people today. Luckily, this is what a green tea mattress offers – sustainability. The mattresses are made from sustainable products, and the manufacturing process does not adversely affect the environment. What’s more, they are incredibly durable and will last for years without losing their firmness.

4. Zero Odors
It’s annoying when a mattress starts to absorb odors and sweat as this causes it to smell. You have to regularly clean and deodorize it to get rid of the smells. Green tea mattresses are infused with green tea extracts and castor natural seed oil to retard odor and bacteria naturally. The green tea also maintains freshness for extended periods. You don’t have to worry about regular maintenance to eliminate mattress odors.

Good sleep always translates into improved performance, better moods, and good health. A green tea mattress like the Zinus green tea memory foam mattress relieves pressure, provides excellent support, and contours to the body to give a hugging feeling as you sleep. With infused green tea and oil extracts, the mattresses are odor-free and low-maintenance.