Wedding Tips from Château Bouffémont

Wedding Tips from Château Bouffémont

Château Bouffémont has hosted hundreds of weddings, so we are delighted to be able to share some of their advice for honored guests that have imparted to them over the years.

What is the best marriage advice you’ve ever received?

Book your venue as far in advance as you can. The date of your wedding should be cemented in your calendar as soon as possible. Once this has been confirmed, you will have a timetable that you can begin to plan around.

This is especially vital if you wish to book a venue that is likely to be in great demand. Chateau wedding venues like our own Château Bouffémont, for instance, are continuing to see great popularity, as are other specialized locations across Europe.

If you have such a prestigious or fairytale venue in mind, we would, therefore, suggest that you contact them to book and arrange a date at the earliest point.

Stay within your budget

A happy couple once told us that they planned their wedding with the money they had, rather than the money they thought they’d have, and it made a tremendous difference for them.

By always working to a set budget that you know you have, as you can do more easily with a Wedding Budget Planner like this one on the Hitched website, you are more likely to be able to meet any hidden or unexpected wedding expenses that may occur.

Pace yourself

Everybody adds to a wedding ceremony simply by attending, and many people provide practical assistance to the bride and groom, both on the day of the ceremony and logistically in the days and hours leading up to the event.

No couple should attempt to organize everything themselves, as they have their wellbeing and happy experience on which to concentrate on their wedding day. We would, therefore, advise you to ask friends and family for their assistance early in the process and let them know what you will require from them. It is an honor to be asked to assist a couple on the biggest day of their lives together, and you may be surprised by how much help people are willing to offer you.

Some of our guests have also appointed a coordinator to help to run the day for them by taking on the administrative and organizational tasks – and as renowned wedding planner Emily Charlotte explains, there are various reasons why you may hire one.

A wedding coordinator could certainly be helpful for lessening some of your stress and freeing up time for you to think about yourself and remember the magical details of your wedding, rather than the mundane matters of who is meant to be where and when.

Wedding Tips from Château Bouffémont

Think about the extras

Weddings wouldn’t be the same without the little, personal touches that each bride and groom can bring to their special day. Favors, gifts, personalized nameplates, custom koozies, and even color-coordinated confetti can all add up quickly, especially once the bigger aspects of the wedding have been accounted for.

Bear these in mind, because it’s the little touches that make weddings and life.

Pretty as a picture

Choosing a wedding photographer might appear straightforward, but one piece of advice we have heard from our guests is to appoint one who shares your vision, style, and aesthetic taste. This will save any possible misunderstandings or disappointments later when you return from your honeymoon and wish to relieve your day as you remembered it.

Many weddings also have videographers present alongside photographers. This can be beneficial, as each will have a specific job to do and can concentrate all their energy and attention on this, instead of spreading themselves between what may be the two roles of photographer and videographer.

Control what you can

As our British guests readily tell us, you can’t control the weather! You can, however, prepare for it, and if the forecast is particularly inclement, you can adjust and have more of the ceremony indoors than you may have otherwise had. If you are looking to tie the knot in or near Paris, for instance, the BBC Weather site’s forecasts can be helpful.

Similarly, there may also be other little hiccups and imperfections where things do not go exactly to a perfect plan. Our advice is to embrace these events and enjoy them. If a wrongly placed nameplate or child shouting at the wrong time is the worst event to take place at a wedding ceremony, it remains a wonderful wedding ceremony.

However, the best wedding advice we’ve heard is the advice that we would also readily give to any of our future guests here at the luxurious private venue, Château Bouffémont: enjoy your day. After all, it will pass by quicker than you imagine, but the memories will last a lifetime, so you should do everything to ensure those memories are only happy ones.

Photos courtesy of Château Bouffémont