Want to Style Your Way to Success? Start with These 5 Things

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Everybody has goals, but not everyone knows how to go after them. Although there is no one right road to success, there are some things that you can do to give yourself a jump start on that path. Whether you’re starting a new year, a new job, or just looking for a fresh start, you can style your way to success. And it doesn’t have to be a super costly undertaking. I would even dare to say that style starts on the inside. It’s something that extends you and your state of mind. 

1. Shop with Success in Mind

Shopping just might be one of the more accessible methods of styling your way to success. It helps to think about what someone successful looks like. Perhaps they wear a Rolex Presidential, three-piece suits, and shiny dress shoes. Maybe a successful person wears her hair in a neat bun, fashionable blouses, and pencil skirts. 

Even if it’s a black shirt and jeans, take that and make it your own. You can dress like your picture of success and still make it your own. Perhaps it’s a nod to an era of fashion that you appreciate or a specific color that suits your fancy. Whatever direction you choose, you want to be comfortable and confident. 

Try to hone in on the key classic pieces you are missing first. Building a wardrobe for success doesn’t typically happen overnight. Be patient and calculated in your choices.

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2. Change Your Perspective

Changing your perspective may sound a lot easier than it is. Changing the way you see the world is a central stylistic element when coupled with changing how you style your visible self. How do you see yourself? Do you have an optimistic attitude toward yourself? When you’re talking to yourself, what do you say? Your answers to these questions can help you pinpoint what areas of your perspective need adjusting. 

For instance, if you’re always really hard on yourself and you would never talk to a close friend the way you speak to yourself, your self-talk needs some work. If you usually wait for the worst possible outcome, you could use a little more optimism in your life. If your clothing screams success, but your attitude is working against it, those you encounter will have a hard time reconciling the contradiction, and you will too. 

3. Know Yourself

You are a unique individual with specific gifts and talents that only you can offer in the way you offer them. It helps to know the things that delight you and make you feel your best. Get in touch with your authentic self and wear yourself the same way you wear your clothes. If you’re unsure who your authentic self is, ask yourself these questions.

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What makes me feel most like myself?
  • What are my talents? What am I good at?
  • How do I best express myself?
  • What do I value? What’s important to me?

Of course, you can ask many other questions to begin to uncover your true self, but this is a good start. Understanding who you are and what makes you tick is crucial in reimagining your style to move you forward and closer to your ultimate goals.

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4. Think Outside the Box

This works well for your wardrobe as well as your internal style. Don’t let your sense of fashion get stifled by traditional stylistic conventions. Don’t be afraid to add your own flair to things and even take a complete deviation from the norm. 

Be your own you. Just make sure that the stylistic detours you make will push you closer to your aspirations. It may be best to wear those outfits in a more relaxed or unprofessional setting if they aren’t. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with breaking the mold and forging your own path. 

Keep in mind that being taken seriously and catapulted into the life of your dreams is the ultimate goal. Challenge the norm thoughtfully and see how far it can take you. 

5. Dress How You Want to Feel

Sometimes we get up with a smile on our faces, and other days we feel less joyful. Regardless of how you think, it’s a good rule of thumb to dress for how you want to feel. If oranges and yellows make you feel good and you’re not optimistic about the day, put those colors on anyway. The idea here is to get you into the frame of mind that will bring you success. 

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When we wear specific clothing, accessories, and colors, we tend to walk differently, talk differently, and feel like a different person (or maybe a different version of ourselves). Never take for granted what donning a specific pair of socks can do for your mood and outlook on the world. Think on purpose. Choose your thoughts and feelings, and attract the energy you want in your life and day every day.

Being exactly who you want to be is as much about how you feel on the inside as how you look outside. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting on a smile, and other times it takes more effort than that. Whatever the situation calls for, it is essential to work towards being the person you want to be and showing who you are to both yourself and others. 

It is your job to define what success is and what that looks like for you. The more of you that you allow to shine through, the more likely you are to be noticed in the way that you want. And the more likely you are to hit all of the goals you set for yourself.