What’s Your Flavor? Here Are the Best Vape Flavors That Fit Your Personality

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For those who are new to Vaping, you might probably not know which kind of flavor suits you. You have tried some of them and they don’t seem to fit into your taste. Vape comes in many different flavors; you just have to choose one or two which will suit you. The flavors are found in the e-liquid or e-juice which is inhaled by the e-cigarettes. For you to choose a flavor that suits you first need to know them and then make your pick.

E-liquid Flavors

Some of the best vape e-juice flavors include:

1. Rainbow crunch-fruit cereal flavor

This is among the top favorite of all e-juices. It has a delicious fruity taste and contains cereal puffs. It lets you enjoy the morning cereal feeling as you vape.

2. Stone Age –ice cream and fruit cereal flavor

As the name suggests, this contains crispy fruit flakes and vanilla ice cream flavors. The perfect combination for a great taste, you will just love the blend in this kind of flavor. It will keep you going back for more.

3. Murica-Rocket Popsicle flavor

The kind of flavors contained in this includes; Lemon Lime, Popsicle, Raspberry, and Cherry flavors. This is so far the favorite for many people. The tastes never fade away, you can feel the taste in almost every detail. The taste is tangible.

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4. Wrecking ball- banana pudding flavor

The banana pudding flavor will certainly melt your taste buds away, especially if you love banana pudding.

5. Cosmic frog e-juice

These come in different flavors which can easily blend with most people’s taste; they are unique taste and are well made having the vaper in mind.

6. Hannibal nectar-mixed fruit flavor

The main flavors here are; Orange, Melons, Berries, Coconut and Peach. The fruits combined blend very well and give out a really nice and enjoyable taste. Knowing the different flavors, you can now pick one from the lot and try to see which the best is for you.

There are many other flavored e-juices, for instance, there are those that have flavors such as tobacco flavor, candy flavor, spice flavor and Mint flavor among others, it is just a matter of knowing the kind of flavor you like and going for it.

From these and many other flavors, one cannot miss something that will blend with his/her taste as well as personality. Most of them have unique distinctive tastes which will make you love them and it will be hard for you to choose one flavor as a personal favorite. You might end up having almost three favorites. For more insights on vaping, Smoketastic is one resource that new vapers use to learn more about the best e cigs and vaping in general.