Top 4 Tips for Men to Maintain a Healthy, Clean & Smooth Complexion

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Like women, men show signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity loss. Proper skincare should be part of a man’s daily beauty regimen. Guys of all ages should take care of themselves and indulge in skincare products that help regain a natural, youthful appearance. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. If you find yourself at a loss, perhaps some of these tips will come in handy. Washing and hydrating your skin isn’t enough. Your skin needs a little TLC from the inside out.

1. Take A Hot Shower in the Morning

A nice, warm shower is the perfect way to start the day. However, do you really need to be under the hot shower? Yes. The warm water won’t open up your pores, but it will help eliminate the dirt, grime, and sebum. It’s like having a facial. Taking a hot shower also has beneficial effects on health, improving muscle and joint pain, brain health, and sleep. Make sure you get the temperature right. A steaming hot shower can dry out and irritate the skin. Eczema tends to get worse after a long, hot shower. Even if you don’t suffer from a skin condition, a steaming hot shower will remove the skin’s good oils. If you jump in the hot shower, don’t stay there for too long.

If you dare, take a freezing-cold shower in the morning. The cold water acts like an astringent, so it works best for oily skin types and skin prone to acne. Also, it causes the skin to retract, which can be useful if your face is puffy in the morning. A bloated complexion doesn’t look good without treatment. Splashing cold water all over your face feels refreshing and will help get over the difficulties you wake up in the morning. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so you don’t have to shower every day. According to dermatologists, the skin is unique and needs different care.

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2. Use an Antioxidant Serum for Extra Skin Protection

Skin is an important target of oxidative injury because it’s constantly exposed to air pollution, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals, and UV rays. More exactly, it’s very susceptible to inflammation, collagen fragmentation, and even cancer. To reduce the damage, think about using an antioxidant serum, which prevents and slows down damage to the cells caused by free radicals. If you use an antioxidant serum regularly, you’ll see measurable results. The serum will reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Your skin will be completely rejuvenated. There are plenty of products hiding in plain sight, so it’s a good idea to read a skin care review before committing to a purchase.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plumps up the skin and promotes collagen production. Men should harness the power of antioxidant serums. Adding such a product to your daily beauty regimen will increase the efficacy of the products you’re using. The antioxidant serum should contain a sufficient concentration of the antioxidant in question. In the case of vitamin C, the concentration should be somewhere between 10 and 20 percent. Anything higher than that can lead to irritation and doesn’t provide too many benefits. Apply the serum in the morning when you’re done with your shaving routine.

3. Go Fragrance-Free

If sprayed directly onto the skin, perfume leads to redness, itchiness, and even hives. This is because it contains alcohol. If you have dry skin, you risk developing allergies due to the perfume’s synthetic or chemical irritants. Not all fragrances irritate. It’s recommended to test the perfume on the back of your hand. Please leave it to dry naturally, and don’t rub in the fragrance. If you do not react, it’s most likely safe to use. Perfume products can lead to serious health problems, so consider going fragrance-free. There are numerous non-toxic products on the market. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, but also you’ll be cleaning up the air, making a world of difference.

Labels try to lure you into purchasing products. Don’t buy products labeled as “unscented” because they can have hidden fragrances that can cause itchy skin. Unscented products are formulated to have no smell, yet special fragrance chemicals are added to give them a natural smell. Fragrance-free products don’t contain natural or synthetic fragrances. A perfume that smells woodsy can be fragrance-free, but you won’t know for sure until you read the label. Check the label or, better yet, visit the manufacturer’s website to get much-needed info. Many skin care products contain fragrances, like shampoo, body wash, and deodorant, to name a few.

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4. Pay Attention to Your Shave

Facial hair may be trending right now, but us guys aren’t keen on growing beards. A sharp, clean shave is what most men aim for. Removing facial hair comes with many benefits. You can make a good impression at a job interview and make your significant other happy. What’s more, shaving clears out the dead skin cells, which leaves you with glowing skin. If you want a naturally healthy appearance, you should shave more often. No matter how often it’s done, it’s worthwhile to remove facial hair. Just pay attention to the shaving technique. You can experience irritation, skin lumps, and cysts that start as ingrown hairs. And let’s not forget about razor burn.

Use a simple edge razor so you can cut the hairs at the skin surface level. Apply moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth. If you apply too much pressure on the razor, you can create a dimple that makes the skin look uneven. Finally, avoid using too much alcohol because it’s an irritant, and the skin will dry out. You’re not helping the skin by using an aftershave. What you should be using is a soothing, moisturizing aftershave. It’s free of chemicals and alcohol. You might have to adjust the amount you use, so dilute it with a touch of water. It will cool down the skin while hydrating.