Tom Ford Celebrates Lifetime Achievement, Talks Image + Botox

June 2, 2014
Designer Tom Ford at this year's Met Gala
Designer Tom Ford at this year’s Met Gala

Ford Reflects-As Tom Ford celebrates his CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, the American designer catches up with WWD to talk life, fashion and what’s next. Talking about his marriage to Richard Buckley, Ford cheekily mentioned his first child explaining, “We didn’t want Jack to be a bastard.” On getting the Lifetime Achievement Award, he confesses, “Getting the Lifetime Achievement Award is as if someone is throwing water on you. It wakes you up as to your age. [He’s 52.] Once I was on a set with two models, a male model and a female. I thought in my head, “These are people I could probably sleep with.” And then I heard one of them refer to me as old — I was 38 years old. It was one of those little milestones that made me think, ‘OK, I’m this age. I am old enough to be their father.'”

Talking about the internet and its effect on fashion, Ford shares, “T.F.: I tried. I failed. I tried to change that. I wasn’t anti-Internet. I was anti-seeing something six months in advance. If you can make it available immediately, then yes, yes, of course it makes total sense. I was just looking through a retail magazine and I saw something I loved when it came out [on the runway]. Now it feels old, and it’s only now being shipped to the store. The look feels photographed and worn. But I failed. It’s a part of popular culture I can’t not participate in. Once I reached a certain scale, I had to go along with it.” Continuing on the subject of age, Ford laments, “Yes. I’ve decided to age. Since we’ve had Jack I haven’t had a Botox injection or a filler. I haven’t had time.” Read more at