Tips to Looking & Feeling Your Best

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Whether we like it or not, fitness has taken over the landscape in terms of health and attractiveness. There are now prototypes as to what is considered to be the ideal male and female body. A lot are against this and are accusing them of body shaming. Regardless of what we believe a man should look like, we should always make it a priority to look and feel our best.


Nowadays, exercise has become more and more of a norm. Whether you exercise because you want to look good or to feel good, exercise has a lot of benefits when it comes to your health that will increase your mental skills and your energy. A good workout session will get your heart pumping with a lot of sweat. Most will agree that the post-workout shower may be one of the best feelings. The feeling is like a sudden boost of energy that will get you rejuvenated throughout the day.

An excuse some people have for not exercising is they don’t exactly know how to do it. They don’t have a routine to work on, so they end up doing random things that may do even more harm than good. You need to research if you are to exercise consistently as this involves your body, if you do things incorrectly, then there are chances of injury. A good physique entails a workout routine for each portion of the body done on different days. According to Rob Mcelhenney’s workout routine, it is ideal to target the chest, arms, back, core, and legs. Exercising is no joke and you must guide yourself at all times. Know when you’ve had enough and don’t force yourself. Exercising takes repetition and only you know how to handle your body but hire a personal trainer if you must.

Eat Healthily

When it comes to eating healthily, the first thing to assess is if your body can handle it. The sad truth is everyone’s body is different, some ectomorphs can eat a lot but still garner a lean physique while some gain weight just after a vacation. Numerous diets are being promoted out there and it’s your choice which one you’re most comfortable with.

Some include the KETO diet that has side effects of dizziness; intermittent fasting that has a risk of ulcer in the future. Most experts say the best eating plan to go on when trying to get ripped is to stack on protein. This article shows the advice given by “Fitness Power” to shed fat and get ripped.  Protein such as lean meat, eggs, and many more. It is an ideal choice as opposed to fat and carbs. Going on a caloric deficit and having enough protein in the day will help you achieve your fitness goals, the main thing is to stay consistent.

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Get Enough Sleep

This may seem impossible these days with the tasks from school and work but know when your body has had enough. Exercise has been proven to increase endorphins that will help you sleep. It is scientifically proven that a person needs 6-8 hours of sleep per day to recover.

Not getting enough sleep will break this cycle that may cause eye bags and a feeling of haggardness. This will also affect your muscle growth as rest time is mandatory. Your body needs at least 24 hours to recover or it will appear sore which will increase the risk of injury.

A lack of sleep will also affect your energy and stamina. This isn’t good if you are to work out. You will do fewer reps than you usually do and this may even affect your heart. You should be logical in taking care of yourself, don’t work out if you feel like you can’t do it today. There is no problem in getting rest.

Know the Latest Trends in Fashion

Fashion is important as it is a form of self-expression. The power of a good outfit increases your appeal to another level and it shows a side of your personality. Fashion also has the ability to increase one’s self esteem and confidence. This is because you’ll have the chance to stand out from other people.

Here at The Fashionisto, you will get to learn about different styles of fashion. Everyone’s taste is unique, that is the beauty of it. This website gives you numerous choices that appeal to your personality. The secret to fashion is to feel good with it, not everyone will like what you’re wearing but if you feel good and confident, you’ll look even more attractive.