Tips to Boost Your Style Confidence

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Everyone wants to feel confident in their clothes. What you wear has the power to transform your look, improve your body image, and boost your mood and happiness. The good news is, there are dozens of simple ways to feel more confident without spending heaps of money on a new wardrobe. Here are some top tips to boost your style confidence:

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Many people are guilty of sticking with a clothing style that they feel comfortable wearing. It is important to be comfortable in your clothes, but you should avoid getting into a style rut. Step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with fun new styles. Take small steps by wearing a bolder color or trying out new patterns and textures. As you become more confident, you can try out bolder looks and add more striking items to your wardrobe. Black may be renowned as the most universally flattering clothing color, but other shades can be just as flattering. Certain colors can compliment your skin tone, enhance your eyes, and make you appear slimmer. Wearing a bold color will also attract attention and compliments from others, boosting your mood and overall style confidence. There are many fashion articles offering advice on finding what colors will look good on you.

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Separate Body Issues from Style

Everyone has certain parts of their body that they dislike or want to change. This is normal, but you should not let poor body image affect your style confidence. Try to separate body issues from style and remember that people can look stylish in any shape or size. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to feel more body confident. For instance, dressing for your body shape and wearing the right size clothing can instantly make you feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes. If you suffer from body anxiety, use relaxation techniques like meditation or calming herbal remedies like the best CBD oil. These techniques may help you unwind and deal with body issues more effectively, although there is no scientific evidence that CBD products can cure anxiety.

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Get Rid of Unflattering Clothes

Unflattering clothes can destroy your body confidence and may you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Ditch any clothes that are too tight or that make you feel bad about yourself. Avoid holding onto clothes that are too small in the hopes of fitting into them in the future. According to Bustle, having “goal weight clothes” can be extremely damaging and lead to negative body image. Cleanse your closet and get rid of any clothing items that no longer fit. You can donate these to a local charity store, give them to friends, or sell them to make some extra cash.

Hire a Personal Stylist

Hiring a personal stylist can be a sure-fire way to boost your style confidence. A professional stylist will use their skills and expertise to find clothes that will compliment your body and improve your appearance. Plus, hiring a personal stylist may be more affordable than you think. Many stylists will revamp your wardrobe for a fixed fee, and lots of high-end fashion stores also offer free styling services.