Tips on How to Pick a Watch for Your Man

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Women aren’t the only ones who can be challenging to shop for. It can also be quite complicated to buy gifts for men. When given the option to pick something for themselves, like a watch, most would go for classy ones such as a Rolex watch. However, others can be a little carefree, not caring what you give them as long as it comes from you. At least, that’s what they say.

For this type of man, though, it can be much more difficult to gauge how much they would like your gift. This also applies to watches. Some men have their taste of watches they want to wear. If given the opportunity to pick a brand, they would most likely drop a name or two. On the other hand, it can be not easy for those who don’t really have something in mind.

There are various brands when it comes to watches, and picking the perfect watch for him can be one of the most challenging tasks you’ll ever do. We’re here to help you, though. Here are some tips you should learn when picking a watch for your lover.

Consider the Material It’s Made From

There are many materials that watches are made from, such as titanium, stainless steel, gold, silicone rubber, plastic, etc. You should pick based on the material’s longevity and your partner’s aesthetics. Stainless steel and titanium can look similar in appearance, albeit with different lengths of longevity, and stainless steel tends to have more shine.

If you are on a budget, getting stainless steel might be the better pick. However, if you want to invest in durability and have more room to splurge, you might want to pick titanium.

One of the materials that are considered classy nowadays is wood. Wood is durable and has a classic look to it. Also, there are plenty of wood types you can choose from, like teak, maple, amaranth, cherry wood, etc. Wood is also versatile and can be mixed with other materials such as stainless steel, plastic titanium, etc.

Consider the Size of the Face

No, not his face but the face of the watch. When picking the face’s perfect size, it’s usually better to pick something a little bigger, especially when your man is quite big. The standard-sized ones might look like ladies’ watches when worn by big men. However, you should also consider the proportion of the watch with your man’s wrist.

Not only that, but also consider the features inside of the face. For big men, bold features tend to look better. But if your boyfriend has a thin wrist, it’s better if you pick something with thinner features.

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Band Materials

Just as the timepiece can be made from different materials, there are also many choices when choosing a watch’s band material. The most common and is considered the most classy is leather. Other popular choices include silicone rubber, nylon banding strap, stainless steel, etc. The most durable material of the bunch is leather. You can choose three different leather types, too, but the most coveted one is genuine leather.

Watch Movement

There are three main movements a watch can do: Quartz, Mechanical, Manual, and Automatic. The quartz mechanism is the most accurate of the bunch and is a perfect choice, too, if you are on a budget. Not only that, but they are also durable since they only have a few parts that need repairing.

However, if you want a more classy movement, go for mechanical. Mechanical watches are considered a luxury since they need unique parts that can only be assembled by a specialist.

With proper care and maintenance, mechanical watches can be an investment since they could last a lifetime. And of course, since they’re considered a luxury, they can be expensive.

The next type of movement is automatic. Automatic watches are still under the mechanical category. However, they are not powered by batteries but instead harness power from the wearer’s hand movements.

This makes it more popular for people who aren’t fans of purely mechanical watches since they’re less expensive. Not only that, they don’t need as much care as mechanical watches need. Although to keep it powered, it must be worn regularly. Although they’re less expensive than mechanical ones, they are still considered a luxury.

Lastly, unlike automatic ones that harness power earlier, manual watches require daily winding to power up regularly. It’s an old-fashioned one, to be sure, but it’s still considered to be a luxury, which means it also fetches a high price.


Ultimately, it all comes down to what kinds of taste your man has when it comes to watches. If he isn’t sure what to pick, you can always try the process of trial and error, although it can be budget intensive. However, following the tips above can give you a slight idea of what kind of watch you should give him. follow them, and you’ll be able to pick the perfect watch for him.