Tips in Maintaining Your Pearly Whites That Way Forever

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Appearance is critical; most would agree. In any industry, we must stay sharp and keep our looks at a professional level for many reasons (you’ve heard the saying “look the part,” haven’t you?). One element that mustn’t be downplayed is oral hygiene — more importantly, teeth. Nothing makes a good first impression like teeth that are gleaming white. Everyone, not just us men, daydream about having pearly whites that live up to the name. If you want to have teeth that look like they’re straight out of a glossy fashion magazine or television commercial, then you don’t have to worry. That’s because entirely white teeth are more attainable than you think.

Cosmetic dentistry has been giving patients hope for years and years now. It doesn’t matter if you have tooth discoloration, chipped teeth, missing teeth, or anything else. Cosmetic dentists can help you get on the track to a smile that’s stunning and pristine. If you want to have pearly whites that you can show off to everyone you know, you need to head to a cosmetic dentist right away. Teeth whitening treatment can give your smile a brand new lease on life. It can give you a brand new one as well. Aside from that, if you’re looking to fix misaligned teeth, you might consider visiting an orthodontist Calgary where they are more specialized in this area. Depending on your needs, both cosmetic dentists and orthodontists would be able to help you get back that beautiful smile of yours.

Whitening treatment, in short, is exactly what it seems to be. It’s a cosmetic dentistry procedure that entails the whitening of the teeth. If you’re upset by teeth in your mouth that look grayish, yellowish, or brownish, then whitening treatment may be able to come to your rescue. It can do away with general color issues. It can do away with stains that are hard to miss as well. Many different factors can bring on the emergence of teeth that aren’t precisely sparkling white. Inadequate dental hygiene practices can make teeth appear dull and discolored.

The same thing applies to dietary patterns. If you eat or drink many things that can stain your teeth, then you may have discoloration. Some kinds of foods, beverages, and condiments that can trigger significant discoloration and staining of the teeth are soy sauce, cola, coffee, red wine, blueberries, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, pomegranates, cherries, and marinara sauce. If you have a diet that’s heavy on any of those things, then you should make a concerted effort to brush your teeth thoroughly after you consume them.

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Keep Your Teeth Fresh and Lovely Post-Whitening

If you take the plunge and professionally whiten your teeth, you need to do your part to keep your results in check afterward. The last thing you want to do is reverse your progress. It can be a buzzkill to realize that your teeth have slowly but surely changed color again. The great news is that there are all sorts of upkeep practices that can aid you considerably.

Keep Your Eating and Drinking Habits in Check

If you want to steer clear of the dilemmas of discolored teeth, then you should refrain from consuming things that can lead to staining. You may want to keep your pasta sauce intake to a minimum. You may want to say no to caffeinated beverages as well. If you consume these things, it can help you greatly remember that moderation is optimal. Don’t go overboard with your coffee drinking.

If you happen to drink a lot of coffee, brush your teeth diligently immediately afterward any time you can. It may help to keep a mini toothbrush and toothpaste tube on your person at all times. Doing so can be particularly helpful any time you’re away from home for a significant period. Don’t go on a long train or plane ride without brushing your teeth after drinking coffee, cola, or anything else that may potentially bring on the reemergence of staining.

Go to the Dentist With Regularity

If you’re keen on keeping your newly whitened teeth immaculate as can be, then you need to prioritize going to the dentist regularly. Going to the dentist for meticulous cleaning sessions can keep your teeth white and flawless as can be.

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Look After Your Teeth the Right Way

You should never take a slapdash approach to tooth care. If you’re committed to the idea of keeping your teeth flawlessly white after your procedure, then you should make a point to brush thoroughly a minimum of two times per day, no matter what. You should also make a point to floss daily. Daily flossing can rid your teeth of trapped bits of food. That’s how it can keep your teeth white and fresh in appearance. Try to invest in toothpaste that offers whitening perks. Your dentist may have some product suggestions for you. It may also be optimal to get your hands on a toothbrush that’s equipped with soft bristles.

Refrain From Smoking

Smoking is a harmful habit that can lead to lung cancer and all sorts of health issues in general. You also may not be aware that the pastime can negatively influence your teeth’ color. If you want your teeth to stay beautiful and white after whitening, then you need to nip any smoking habit you may have in the bud, period. Tobacco is a substance that can lead to severe teeth discoloration. If you do away with tobacco in full, you can keep your teeth radiant and sparkling.

Employ a Straw at Restaurants and Elsewhere

Restaurants often provide diners with straws for beverages like sodas and teas. If you’re given a straw at a dining establishment, you should make a point to employ it. That’s because straw use can safeguard teeth from staining and discoloration. It can even be a smart idea to purchase straws for home use. The more you employ straws, the more you defend your teeth from the annoyances of conspicuous discoloration. Straws are affordable. They’re a piece of cake to use. Introducing them to your day-to-day existence isn’t a big deal at all.

If you want to find out more about teeth whitening treatment and cosmetic dentistry, then you should drop a trusted office a line as soon as you can. Experts like Marc Lazare, New York teeth whitening specialist, can talk to you about the advantages of undergoing this in-office treatment. A consultation can cover any area you may be in doubt of.