The Evolution of the Tuxedo as a Timeless Piece

Man in Tuxedo
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When it comes to men’s fashion, the tuxedo is perhaps the most iconic suit of all time. Loved by men and even women the world over, the tux has even made the transition to casual wear. But what’s its story, and how did it go from super-formal to being worn by both sexes with trainers?

Where Did It Come From?

In Britain in the mid-1800s, men looked for a slightly less cumbersome version of the frock coat (worn in the day) and the tailcoat or dress coat worn in the evening. After some time, a tailless jacket became popular, which combined the smart aesthetic required in upper-class circles with a slightly comfier and easier-to-wear twist. The first formal record of what would later be known as a tuxedo was in 1865, and it was created and worn by the Prince of Wales, who would go on to become King Edward VII.

As time progressed, the style became more widely worn and rebranded as a ‘dinner jacket.’ Men of the upper and higher classes would wear it every evening with matching trousers, a bow time, a waistcoat, and a wing-collar formal shirt in white. Typically, the jacket’s lapels were in silk or satin of the same color, a style feature that has remained.

The style went transatlantic towards the end of the 19th century, and it is believed a millionaire businessman James Brown Potter was responsible for its immigration. Potter was introduced to the jacket by the Prince, got fitted for one, and wore it to an event at a private club in Tuxedo Park, New York. The jacket was a hit, adopted the name ‘tuxedo,’ and the rest is history!

Man in Suit and Sneakers
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Smart Meets Casual

Over the following centuries, the tuxedo moved away from just being something that the upper classes wore. Instead, it became the standard semi-formal evening dress for men and women all over the world. The 90s and 00s saw tuxedos even being worn with sneakers and plimsolls such as Chuck All-Stars and featured in magazines like Vogue.

Tuxedoes became a standard fair for those attending casinos and gambling halls of different kinds. The rise of online gambling provided more options for players, and they can gamble in comfort from their mobile or computer on popular sites like CasinoWings. Unsurprisingly, online casinos are hugely popular online and are a thriving industry, with many sites offering bonuses to bring in players. This has inevitably impacted the tuxedo, considering you don’t necessarily have to get dressed up to play an online casino. Ultimately, dress codes have changed as casinos have become more casual, meaning it’s unnecessary to wear a tuxedo when attending.

It also became acceptable evening wear for women, particularly celebrities attending events or award ceremonies. Dakota Fanning, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Aniston have all worn tuxedos on the red carpet. But they have also become staples for men on the red carpet as well. According to the Hollywood Reporter, some of the most notable tuxedo-wearers of all time include Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp.

As for the future of the tuxedo, chances are it will continue to stick around. Designers always experiment with new fabrics and techniques to reinvent classic styles, and this is no exception.