The Etiquette of Phone Dating: 8 Tips

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When getting to know an individual, texts, and emails are beneficial, but there is nothing like a phone conversation to see where things may go. Phone calls are essential to whether or not you enjoy a relationship. Wouldn’t you want to get a feel for someone’s voice before meeting up?

Try it: the chatline numbers free 60 minutes offer lets you see if phone dating is for you. It can be unsettling to prepare for that first phone discussion. Are you feeling nervous? Here we will discuss eight tips for phone etiquette that will help your first conversation over the phone go swimmingly and aid you in securing that first date.

1. Make Sure You Have Signal

Nothing is worse than a great conversation lost because of a weak signal. So before dialing up your potential date, secure a spot with an excellent signal, or use a landline.

2. Be Cheerful

Over the phone, your facial expressions cannot be seen. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to let your bright personality shine through your voice. So be cheery!

3. Put Your Potential Date at Ease

Allow yourself to be relaxed as you speak with the other person. Make it clear that you are enjoying the opportunity to get to know them better. You may find that complimenting their conversation skills helps them feel at ease. For example, if they ask you a question about yourself, say, “that’s a good question!”. Remember, the more you are at ease, the more relaxed you will be.

4. Elaborate on Your Replies

Short replies don’t help you very well when getting to know someone. When your potential date asks you a question, use the opportunity to let them know who you are! For example, say that they ask you how your day went.

You could reply something along the lines of, “It went great! Thanks for asking. I had lunch with a friend from school, and we had sushi together. Now I am talking to you!” This reply provides the other individual with information about yourself: You enjoy sushi, you like to go out with friends, and last but not least, you are pleased to be talking with them!

5. Allow Your Answers to be Questions

Keeping conversations interesting can be difficult when you need to figure out what to ask or are wary of the answer. Asking your potential date questions lets them know that you are interested in them as a person, plus it will help you to get to know them. Asking questions also keep awkward silences or pauses to a minimum. 

Running names through a person search tool like can provide helpful information from public records and may help identify any red flags without bringing them up in conversation. This method could be a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to check someone out before engaging in a full-fledged conversation.

6. It’s Not an Interview

Allow the conversation to stay friendly and relaxed. It’s not an interrogation; you could put off the other person if you begin to sound like you are conducting an interview. Ask questions, but let your potential date do the same. Alternating asking and answering can help to keep the conversation fresh.

7. Know When the Call Should End

The first conversation should not go on for too long. So if you feel that things are coming to a great place to say goodbye, be polite and talk with the person another time. Don’t make a massive deal about when to speak next—if things go well, you will talk to them again! Don’t come across as too needy, and be sure to be genuine.

8. Remember Not To…

…Chew gum, or talk to your potential date while the television is in the background. It’s also not recommended to eat while speaking. Don’t seem as though you are doing something else. Give the individual your undivided attention and make them feel cared for.

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