Summer Tips for Healthy Hair

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Did you know some of your favorite ways to enjoy the summer sun could be wreaking havoc on your hairline? Whether you’re snorkeling in saltwater or taking a tip in the pool, both saltwater and chlorine can dry your hair out. Dry hair is prone to thinning and breakage.

Luckily, you can enjoy the summer and still have healthy hair! It just might require you to tweak your hair care routine. Check out our tips for growing and maintaining full, shiny hair this summer.


 Split ends can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. They tend to be your first warning sign that there’s something wrong with your hair. Factors like extreme weather conditions, excessive heat styling, or strong chemicals can cause the strands to become dry or brittle and are prone to breaking and shedding.

While some products swear they can reverse split ends, don’t always believe the hype! Regular trims are the best way to stop your split ends from traveling up the hair and causing more breakage. Start with a trim this summer, so you’ll have a clean slate with a professional stylist.

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We all know that too much time in direct sunlight can roast our skin, but have you ever wondered what it can do to your hair? Sunlight emits harmful UV rays, which can damage your tresses and suck the color right out of your strands. If you spend a lot of time out in the sun, remember that your hair needs protection too.

There are several gels, creams, serums, and sprays that contain UV filters that block your hair from sun damage, promote shine, and protect your color from fading. Consider picking a few hats to add to your rotation. Hats not only protect your strands, but they also shield your scalp and ears from the sun and developing skin cancer. A little bit of protection with the right hair products and accessories can go a long way towards healthy hair and scalp.

Laser Caps

Laser hair growth caps are one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. These FDA-cleared medical devices emit low-level light therapy through medical-grade laser diodes in the caps. Low-level light therapy (also abbreviated as LLLT) stimulates blood flow in the scalps of men and women to help transport the proper nutrients and oxygen levels to the hair follicles. From here, the hair follicle cells are stimulated and encouraged to grow stronger and healthier than ever before.

Laser caps are a portable device, making treatment therapy easy and convenient. They are designed for at-home use so that you can use them whenever and wherever you want. There are no known side effects with these devices, and they are clinically proven to be safe and effective to use to encourage new hair growth.

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It’s easy to become addicted to heat styling! Blow drying gives it extra volume and cuts down drying time. Hair straighteners and curling rods are great for helping us switch up our style. However, too much heat can wear out your strands.

Blow dryers cause the hair to go through a process called “flash drying,” which removes the moisture off the surface of the hair as well as water trapped inside. If you find yourself stuck in a cycle that requires you to use heat on your hair multiple times a week, it’s probably time to take a heat-fast and give your hair a break. Our rule of thumb is to add heat sparingly, maybe just a few times a week.

While it would be nice to stay away from heat for good, we know it isn’t always necessary, as long as you’re taking extra care of your strands. Don’t crank the temperature up too much, or you could cause heat damage. Stick to the lowest temperature setting available.

Are you ready for Summer?

Some of the most common summer haircare woes are uncontrollable frizz and damage related swimming, diving, and sun overexposure. Keeping your hair and scalp out of direct sunlight is an excellent way to protect you from unnecessary damage.

You can also use a laser cap to protect your hair from excessive sunlight as well as restore hair growth for men and women. Take these tips into consideration to help your hair be in its healthiest state this summer.