Stylish Essentials to Borrow from James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’

Daniel Craig James Bond Tuxedo Gun Casino Royale
With a gun in hand and dressed in a dapper tuxedo, Daniel Craig portrays James Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale. Photo Credit: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Casino Royale is hands down one of the best James Bond movies where style is abundant. Not only is Daniel Craig to be seen with numerous stylish tuxedos, suits, and other outfits, but we also get to see some very stylish dresses from Eva Green as Vesper Lynd and Caterina Murino as Solange Dimitrios. Let’s look at some of the sleek essentials we can borrow from James Bond in Casino Royale to keep up our appearances.  

Casino Royale is Actually the First James Bond Movie

Many people don’t know that chronologically, Casino Royale takes place before every other James Bond movie. It is the first James Bond movie, so to speak. For this reason, James Bond, or Daniel Craig in this case, still has to earn his 00 status and doesn’t have such a stylish clothing taste at the beginning of the movie. When you see him in M’s house, you can still see him wearing a pea coat. There is nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t come close to the stylish Tuxedos he wears to the poker games held in the casinos later in the movie. 

James Bond’s Style Doesn’t Only Come from His Clothes

And it is not only James Bond’s clothing that makes him so stylish, to begin with; it also has to do with his ability to read people at the poker table and the elegance he uses while bluffing. If you want to practice your bluffing, we recommend checking out this fast payout online casino usa, where you can learn to play online poker from your own home. 

Daniel Craig James Bond Poker Casino Royale Still 2006
Daniel Craig’s James Bond dons a tuxedo to sit for a game of poker in Casino Royale. Photo Credit: M.G.M. / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

Bond at the Poker Tables

At some point in the movie, Vesper doesn’t allow Bond to play poker with the dinner jacket he is wearing as she states there are dinner jackets and dinner jackets. She recommends he puts something on more stylish to look like he belongs at the poker table. Bond listens and goes downstairs eventually with a proper super tuxedo, to say the least, looking ready to play as a true high roller. 

Although Vesper urges him to play it safe, he makes some rather big bets and loses quite a bit of money initially. If you don’t want to do so when playing poker, you should check out, where you get to know how and where to play casino games safely. Anyhow, the tuxedo James Bond is wearing as a dinner jacket during the poker scenes probably is one of the more iconic style essentials of the entire movie. 

Daniel Craig James Bond Floral Shirt Casino Royale 2006
Sporting a floral print short-sleeve shirt, Daniel Craig is James Bond in Casino Royale. Photo Credit: M.G.M. / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

Bond as a New 00 Agent

In one of the rare actual gunfight moments in Casino Royale, we see Daniel Craig in Madagascar wearing a shirt with flowers. This shirt has that typical Far Cry style, where you look like you come straight out of the jungle, haven’t eaten for days, and would almost think of cannibalism. It isn’t the fanciest of shirts, but it has a holiday feel. 

Bond on the Bahamas

Later in the movie, Bond lands in the Bahamas to visit Le Chiffre. Here he can be seen sporting a grey linen suit without a tie. This is quite logical, as you wouldn’t want to wear a tie in the Bahamas. It is a way more casual way of wearing a suit, which we don’t see 007 do too often. Yet it shows Bond’s bluntness, and actually, it is pretty stylish too. 

Daniel Craig James Bond Black Shirt Phone Casino Royale 2006
Catching a phone call, Daniel Craig wears a simple black shirt as James Bond in Casino Royale. Photo Credit: United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

The One & Only Ocean Club

Later in the movie, Bond has to go for a poker game at The One & Only Ocean Club. Here he just wears a black polyester shirt, which is quite common, and you see a lot of players at the poker table do so. Still, Bond doesn’t have that natural style of going on at this part of the movie, as he is still just a new 00-agent. All the other guys can be seen in linen suits and sports coats, making James Bond a bit underdressed for the occasion if you’d ask us.    


Although Daniel Craig certainly wears stylish clothes and watches as James Bond in the Casino Royale movie, it is not only his clothing that makes him so stylish. It is also his bluntness and charisma at the same time that come perfectly together while he is playing poker in one of the final scenes of the movie. 

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