Short & Sweet: 3 Types of Must Wear Shorts for 2021

Man in Chino Shorts
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The summer – what a perfect chance to chill with friends and get some of those much-needed sunny vibes. But as well as lazing around and soaking up the vitamin D, the hot weather months provide the perfect chance to show off a fresh summer look.

However cozy winter wear can be, nothing beats summer fashion. With an essential piece of hot-weather fashion being, of course, a great pair of shorts. But with so many different styles of shorts around, one pair isn’t enough. So, for some summer short styles, here is some inspiration.

The Chino Short

The chino has a much richer history than many wearers realize, as you can find out by reading the article at It seems its popular classic American style is down to the fact they were formed back in 1898, which has created a long-lasting look that is still trendy today. These Days, the chino’s development short has made this design diverse and flattering wear. Making them suitable for most events.

Where to wear: Chinos are one of those magical short styles that can be worn in just about any situation. Whether that be with a short-sleeved shirt for a warm evening party or with a casual t-shirt at a summer festival, they are a piece of clothing that is both tasteful and cool.

Man in Shorts
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The Baggy Shorts

When things get really hot and getting naked isn’t an option, there is no better relief than wearing a pair of baggy shorts. Luckily, 2021 has plenty of modern options for this style. And from uber fashionable printed motif shorts to more laid back and very on-trend – Bermuda shorts, there is a look for all. Baggy shorts are a much-needed item that provides comfort and air. And yet, they are still highly fashionable.

Where to wear: Whether hanging out at a picnic or chilling at home and surfing the web, baggy shorts are best suited for more casual affairs. When it’s too hot, and all you want to do is hang out inside, there are loads of great global sites to explore and have fun with., for example, is a site that lets you look at betting sites across the web and see which site has the best offers, depending on where you are based. You could find yourself making the freest spins in Canada or getting bonuses in the US. All whilst escaping the sticky heat and looking good.

Man in Denim Shorts
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The Jean Short

Nothing beats the good old jean shorts. Or ‘jort,’ as some may call them. Jean shorts are essentially a short version of a classic pair of jeans and are usually worn in blue or black. These are the type of shorts that give an instant alternative edge, no matter what they are worn with. There are some great ideas for dressing in jean shorts here One of the best things about them is that they can be customized to whichever style you prefer, from frayed and punky to rolled and chic.

Where to wear: These are another pair of shorts that can be worn pretty much anywhere. However, they are great for a casual meet up with friends, evening gigs, or even a more informal date.

From classy chinos to baggy shorts and edgy jorts, 2021 sees its fair share of short styles. Follow the trend or make them your own – shorts are the hot weather essential that keeps things cool in more ways than one.