Sensitive Skin? Here Are the Best Household Products

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Going green is important. And not just for the planet. But for your skin too. When you use products that are made naturally, you will be putting fewer toxins in contact with your body. But when it comes to looking for the best household products for sensitive skin, you have to take your search to the next level.

There are many brands out there that claim to be organic but are actually not. When it comes to finding the best cleaning products or other products that you have in your house, you need to do your research to ensure that the brands you are buying from are genuinely natural and organic. 

Luckily, there are many great options out there. From cleaning wipes to laundry detergent sheets, finding eco-friendly products for your skin has never been easier. 

If you think about it, our skin is the most vulnerable organ in the human body because it is so exposed and susceptible to anything and everything it comes into contact with in the environment. That is why if you have sensitive skin, we are here to help you prevent it from becoming damaged or irritated. 

Stock your house up with these top household products that can make a difference—for you and the planet. 

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1. Laundry Detergent Sheets 

Everybody does laundry. But not all laundry detergent is created equal. In fact, typical laundry detergent can put your water at risk of becoming contaminated with microplastics. And it can also end up irritating your skin. 

This is why using natural laundry detergent sheets is such a great alternative. Not only will your skin feel at ease when coming into contact with your freshly washed clothes, but the planet will get a little bit better because there is zero wastage and no microplastics that go back into the endless loop. 

2. Multipurpose Spray 

We all need to have a handy multipurpose spray that lets us clean all surfaces of our home. In fact, we should be cleaning the countertops, bathrooms, and well-lived areas daily. But too much chemical exposure can be really damaging to your skin. 

Have you ever done a deep clean only to find that your hands feel super dry and hard? That is likely a result of all the chemicals they have just come into contact with when cleaning. 

Instead, go for an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Using simple ingredients that only consist of water, alcohol, soap, rosemary, and essential oils, your house will be sparkling clean and smell great. But the biggest bonus of all is that you will not have dry and irritated skin at the end of your cleaning spree. 

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3. Dish Soap 

Another important household product that you should shop for by how it can impact your skin is dish soap. Even if you have a dishwasher, you will likely end up cleaning quite a bit by hand. So with such high exposure to this household product, you will want to make sure it is going to be kind to your skin

A great way to ensure this happens is to get eco-friendly dish soap that is also fragrance-free. This way, the ingredients remain simple. Your dishes will be sparkling clean, and your skin will be happy and not irritated. 

4. Floor Cleaner 

If you have hardwood floors, there will likely be times that you need to get on your hands and knees to scrub them. This is why you want to make sure that this household product is also going to be kind to your skin. A lot of products have some heavy-duty ingredients in them. 

So you will want to look for an option that allows you to simply spray and mop. The ingredients should be biodegradable and free of parabens, phthalates, and phosphates. 

5. Toilet Cleaner 

You are going to be coming into close contact with this household product, too, so make sure it is both eco-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin. Not only do you want it to get rid of any stains or odors, but you also want to ensure that it leaves both you and your bathroom in excellent condition.

The best products will have mainly plant-based ingredients and simply include water, citric acid, sodium citrate, and natural fragrance. Plant-based toilet cleaner is something that will not just help the planet but help keep your skin protected too. 

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6. Vinegar Cleaner 

Every house should have at least one bottle of vinegar cleaner. It is one of the best ways to ensure something will indeed be clean. But make sure that the product you choose is made with simple ingredients like distilled vinegar, water, and natural lemon. It will get the cleaning tasks done without wrecking your skin. 


If you have sensitive skin, stock up on these eco-friendly household products for a clean house and happy skin. 

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