Safe and Proven Methods for Treating Male Pattern Baldness Compared

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Most of the time, the topic of hair loss doesn’t come without the discussion of treatment options. The problem is, zooming in on the issue (that being the loss of hair) often doesn’t lead to actual solutions. 

So how many options are available when it comes to reversing the hair loss? This article will discuss the three main methods used to battle balding. 

Let’s take a closer look at both the benefits and side effects of minoxidil, oral finasteride and topical finasteride. So you can make an informed decision on which method is right for your hair and current lifestyle. 

Minoxidil: an efficient treatment

Up to 70% of men say minoxidil has worked wonders for them. Making it a very potent treatment for hair loss. Those men reported a significant difference in the amount of hair loss when administering the cream on a daily basis. 

Minoxidil is a topical solution. This means that it should be applied directly to the scalp and this twice a day. The treatment helps dilate blood vessels surrounding the hair follicles. In turn this helps to provide better nutrient flow. The end result is that your follicles are more likely to grow thicker and stronger hairs again. Thus making this the perfect method if you’re experiencing thinning on the crown of your head. It encourages hair regrowth and prevents bald spots.


  • High success rate
  • Easy to use


  • Scalp irritation

This all making minoxidil a very good option to treat male pattern baldness. But there are of course other players on the field who might be even better. Let’s check out the next one.

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Finasteride tablets: getting the job done

The ingredient finasteride is found in a lot of treatments for male pattern baldness. With a 90% positive effect rate in men who use it, it’s even more capable than minoxidil. It reduces the DHT levels found in your blood. DHT is a hormone that is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. Through reduction of the levels of DHT, finasteride aids in preventing hair loss and helps regrowth of your hair.  

In order to get results, finasteride tablets should be taken once a day. While the high working rate speaks for itself, it should be noted that is does come with possible side effect. 

Side effects that have been reported are such as swelling, rashes and in some cases even erectile dysfunction. Yet, over 96% of guys simply do not experience these side effects at all when taking finasteride tablets. Still this does make men think twice before using this product. Worse, even most stay away from it.


  • More effective than minoxidil
  • Easy to use


  • Swelling
  • Rash
  • Possible erectile dysfunction 

The industry has come up with a solution for the downside of finasteride tablets. One that gives you all the pro’s and a lot less of the con’s.

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Winning the game: Topical Finasteride

Brand new and revolutionary in its niche, topical finasteride is just as competent as the tablets, without a lot of the negative effects. And one of the biggest pros is that it has been effectively and safely be combined with other ingredients such as minoxidil to make great hair loss treatments.

Just like minoxidil, you apply the product directly to your scalp. This makes it less likely to affect other parts of your body. So it’s less likely to give you the most frequently experienced sides effects of the tablets. Same as for minoxidil, the most common side effect remains itching sensations and irritation of the scalp. 


  • Easy to use
  • Topical only
  • Reducing side effects


  • Itching
  • Irritation  

Companies like Freshman have made use of the possibilities that topical finasteride provides. Combining the power of finasteride with the benefits of minoxidil gives you a two-in-one solution to get rid of hair loss. Freshman topical finasteride reduces the chances of an irritated, itchy scalp by removing harsh ingredients like alcohol and propylene glycol from their product. 

Quick overview

Finasteride is used to lessen the DHT hormone which is a the base of hair loss. In tablet for is does have some side effects most men try to avoid. Minoxidil aids in getting a nutrient flow towards the hair follicles and is easy to use. By using both ingredients in their topical form the undesirable effects are drastically reduced. 

Considering now you’ve got all the information you need, what would your choice be to take care of hair loss?