The Rising Demand for Lab Diamond Jewelry

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The Rising Demand for Lab Diamond Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” One of the most well-known sayings about diamonds, this sentiment brings to mind romantic interludes and promises of love forever.

“Diamonds are the tears of the poor.” Ouch. That stings. 

People don’t usually think about the very dangerous and often inhumane method of diamond extraction when they think of their beautiful diamonds. It turns out that the majority of diamond miners are overworked, underpaid, and exploited. The phrase “blood diamond” is scarily astute.

So, what’s a conscientious jewelry lover to do? Glad you asked! Welcome to the booming world of lab diamond jewelry.

Why shop lab created diamonds?

They’re real

Lab grown diamonds are practically identical to mined diamonds. What creates a diamond in nature is a combination of 3 things: carbon, pressure and heat. What creates a diamond in a lab setting are the same 3 things. However, it takes a week to a month to grow a diamond in a lab, as opposed to the billions of years needed for a diamond to form in the earth.

They’re cost conscious

You will pay easily 2-3 times more for a mined diamond than a lab grown diamond of the same size and shape. Considering that even professional jewelers can’t tell the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds, it makes no sense to pay so much more for a “real” rock. Take that extra money and put it toward an investment account or a vacation fund. Or buy a fancier ring for the same price! You’ll come out a winner either way.

In addition to being easier on your wallet, the workers who create lab grown diamonds are well compensated for their efforts. This is a stark contrast to most natural diamond miners who are paid an unlivable wage, if they are even paid at all.

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They’re safer

Speaking of natural mining, workers consistently mine in unsafe conditions to extract diamonds. Many of the mining operations are unregulated, meaning that safety controls are often overlooked in favor of higher production. Child labor is a massive problem in the diamond mining industry. 8 year old children work 12 hour days with either low pay or no pay. Adult workers create lab diamonds in a highly controlled, efficient, and safe setting. As yet, no deaths have been reported in the creation of lab diamonds. The same cannot be said for earth mining.

They’re better for the environment

Growing diamonds in a lab does require a great amount of energy.  It’s not even comparable to the devastation left behind after mining. Miners leave acres upon acres of once fertile land virtually unlivable. Diamond mining eradicates wildlife and forces entire communities to relocate. In many places, the mines have ruined the area to the point that it can’t be repaired. In addition to devastating the land, abandoned mines often fill with rainwater.  This creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These mosquitoes then go on to spread a multitude of diseases, including malaria.

Why shop mined diamonds?

Um. That’s a good question. We can’t think of anything.

Make a positive impact. Look into lab created diamonds.