Protect Your Clothes from Insect Damage

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Your clothes could be susceptible to damage following pests infestation. Beetles and moths, among other pests, can easily find their way into your closet and breed in there hence becoming a threat to your costly fabrics. There are various options to address this attack by pests, but not all are favorite. You could either choose to use mothballs or harsh pesticides to kill these pests. However, there are other ways to protect your clothes from insect damage if you don’t wish to apply these two options.

The choice of method to protect your wardrobe from insect damage depends on several factors. Your ultimate goal and objective are to make sure that you have the requisite skills, knowledge, and resources to do the job. If insects have already invaded your home, help from exterminator Brooklyn services can help you fix the problem. However, the best methods to apply are preventive measures that you can also learn from the company. Here are some of them to implement:

  • Store Clothes When they are Clean. All clothes going in for storage should thoroughly be cleaned.  Food stains, dust, and any other dirt picked up by unclean clothes can create a conducive environment for insects to breed in. Clothes easily pick this dirt, and if it gets into the wardrobe, it will attract harmful insects that can damage the clothing.
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Keep your clean clothes away from those you wear regularly. This will prevent any form of contact and pests from spreading to them.  Cleanliness is top among the things to implement for protecting your clothes against insect damage. Therefore, you must observe this requirement before taking them for storage.

  • Clean and Dry Drawers and Closets. Insects thrive in damp places. Therefore, cleaning them dry will help you keep bugs from finding their way into your wardrobe. Avoid keeping your clothes in closets for too long without checking them quite often. Extended storage times can easily pave the way for insects to breed in there. Therefore, frequent checks and dusting can help keep harmful insects away.

Vacuum clean your drawers and closets from time to time to ensure that they don’t accumulate dirt and dust. That way, insects won’t find their way into them and damage your clothes. Should you find bugs and flying insects in your clothes during cleaning sessions, you may need to engage exterminator Brooklyn services to deal with them. These professionals will help you use mild pesticides suitable for use around your clothes to get harmed or smell bad.

  • Avoid Plastic Bags but instead, use breathable bags for your garments. For fabrics that need breathing, it is important to use breathable bags. It helps them from degrading and discoloring. The objective is to make sure that your garments are kept in acid-free garments. This is a sure way of keeping them dry and, most importantly, from insects’ attack.

Acid-free tissue in-between garment folds can also be used to provide additional protection. You can also use cardboard boxes if you have a clean wardrobe to keep them. Ensure that you don’t keep sensitive clothing in plastic bags. They tend to give your clothes fumes that produce a bad odor.

  • Use Cedar and Lavender. These are good ways of repelling bugs. All you need is to ensure that the storage units where these substances have been used are tightly sealed.  Storage units with cedar and lavender should always be kept closed. These materials are commonly used in instances where frequent access is not needed. You can go for this option when you are keeping storage for a long period. The idea is to make sure that there is no sufficient air for insects to breathe and breed there.

Pests can cause a lot of damage to your clothes if you don’t observe proper storage. They can be a real threat to your closet hence the need to make sure that your storage is free from insects. Keeping your storage spaces clean and dry is a great step towards protecting your clothes. Should you see flying insects around these areas, it would be best to use professional exterminator services to stop their breeding sites and spread.