Past & Present of Mens Jewellery

Male Model Ring Gold
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Men and jewellery might seem like an odd combination, but it’s actually not. Men have adorned themselves in jewellery for ages. Did you know, the jewellery that men wore earlier also reflected their social and financial status.

Egyptian believed gold jewellery was directly associated with power and social status. That’s why high ranking citizen and officers would wear gigantic gold pieces to signify their status. In fact, the obsession for jewellery went as far as they wanted themselves to be buried with their jewellery. In Mesopotamia (present-day Middle-East), gold jewellery was said to ward off evil and protect them during the war and from evil.

The trend trickles down to the kings all across the globe and you can read the same in history how they decked up in jewellery to show off.

However, from dressing up for the society to dressing up for themselves, an average man has mellowed down a lot when it comes to jewellery. You will rarely find men around you dressed up in boisterous jewellery. The two most common types of men’s jewellery are gold rings for men and gold bracelets for men.

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Gold has been the undisputed king of metals in the world of precious jewellery. The top factors being the ever-increasing price point, resale value and non-reactive nature. Yellow gold is the most common and preferred shade while picking up gold rings for men and gold bracelets for men. In western countries, you may see people preferring white gold over yellow coloured gold. Rose gold is also a famous gold colour but only amidst.

Gold rings for men have gained a lot of popularity because they start wearing it after getting married. A married man (or woman) wears his wedding ring on his ring finger of his left hand. This particular finger is chosen because of a vein (Vena Amoris) is present in this finger that reaches directly the heart. The most basic difference between gold rings of men and that of women is width i.e. men’s rings are broader than women. There are quite a lot of designs to choose from. You will either see a design or rings with two gold shades. Gold rings for men in India are available at a starting price of Rs. 12,000 (approximately). The price may vary from one brand to another.

Gold bracelets for men are also quite a famous piece of jewellery. The modern and corporate dressing goes very well with gold bracelets. They can vary from a range of link bracelets to gemstone studded ones. Men’s kada is also a form of wrist jewellery that they love to wear. Bracelets, on the other hand, are lighter and fancier versions that can go effortlessly with one’s formal outfit without drawing too many eyeballs. The latest trend is the multi-coloured bracelets. With a mix of yellow and white gold, these bracelets are great for a casual outing, friends get together and parties. Gold bracelets for men in India are available at a starting price of Rs. 53,000 (approximately). The price may vary from one brand to another.

What types of jewellery do you see men around you sporting? Let us know in comments below.