On the Water: Key Boat Trip Essentials

Man Driving Boat Sunglasses
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When you want to spend some time out on the water, you may think about purchasing or hiring a boat. While this can be a fantastic experience for you and your friends and family, you may want to think about how you can still look your best (perhaps, nautical style). 

When doing so, it can also be essential to keep some different safety aspects in mind and improve your comfort. Planning out the things you will wear beforehand can make it easier to operate the boat and spend time in the water.

Improving Your Vision

Steering a boat can be difficult, especially if the sunlight causes glare. To overcome this, you may want to consider what you wear for your eyes. A pair of sunglasses can help to keep that glare at bay and may even improve your vision on the water. 

You may even want to consider some of the top Ray-Ban smart glasses to allow you to take pictures, make calls, and even listen to music while keeping your primary focus on the water ahead. One of the other benefits of these is that you could have your eye prescription in the lenses, which could help maximize your vision while still looking incredibly fashionable.

Man Water Shoes
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Functional Footwear

You may want to leave your smart or expensive shoes home while on a boat. Even if you don’t plan on going swimming, there may be a high chance of some shoes getting wet or ruined. In addition to this, formal footwear may look entirely out of place. 

An option you may want to consider can be water shoes. These can be used when on the boat, giving you a grip should it get slippery. Should you opt to go swimming, they can remain on your feet, protecting them from any hazards, such as rocks, shells, and even rubbish, that may be underwater. 

Coming in a wide range of colors, you may be able to find a set of water shoes to match your swimwear or chosen outfit for the day, allowing you to continue looking put together.

Buoyancy Aid
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Reduce the Likelihood of Drowning

Even if you are a strong swimmer, you might want to consider putting specific measures into place to reduce the likelihood of drowning. Around 90% of all drowning deaths occur on rivers, lakes, and other similar premises. It is worth keeping in mind that some of these incidents may have happened to those who also thought their swimming abilities would keep them safe. 

While fashion may be vital to you, it can be good to prioritize your well-being. Wearing a buoyancy aid, and getting others with you to do the same, could make all the difference should you become tired, feel unwell, or even have your boat capsize. These can also come in several designs, allowing you to choose the one you feel happy about wearing.


Time out on the water can help you to unwind and relax. When boating, you may want to consider confident outfit choices that can function and look great.